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This page is about the robust GVCS methodology (rGm) for the Project Leads/Director to use as a guide.

rGm is the child of The Lean Startup Process approach of no waste and no duplication of efforts, and applying the scrum process of prioritization(backlogs), progress visualization(burn down charts), and rapid deployment(sprints), this systematic approach will mitigate the risks(cost, performance, schedule) and ensure the development and delivery of the GVCS-50. It will also help with the scalability and parallel development of the GVCS by encouraging cross-collaboration between projects within the GVCS-50.

  • The rGm V0.01 tool box contains the following for the PD to learn, train, and manage.
  1. Scrum and Lean Tutorial videos
  2. Successful Projects Videos, lessons learned and knowledge repository
  3. Design Toolkit
  4. Test Tool Kit
  5. Backlogs, Sprints, Burndown Charts templates and samples
  6. Systems Engineering References and Guides

The Methodology


  • Gather requirements
  • Design the solution(s)
  • Build the solution
  • Test the solution
  • Iterate

In between these steps, the project lead should organize the following to ensure success and resource allocation.

  • Concept Review(CR)
  • Preliminary Design Review(PDR)
  • Test Readiness Review(TRR)
  • Mission Readiness Review(MRR)

The key to rapid deployment(billions have been wasted to figure this one secret factor)... drum roll.... collaboration and iteration.

Build a little, test a little, fail a little, learn a lot.


rGm toolkit

So now you're the leader of the pack and leading a meaningful project. Below are some samples for you to get your feet wet. Usage of the templates below is not mandatory; however, it sure would be easy and effective and has a good track record from government, industry, and academia.

  • Backlogs samples
  • Sprint samples
  • Burn down chart samples
  • Test plan samples
  • Work Breakdown Structure(WBS)
  • Risk Matrix
  • Functional Matrix
  • DoDAF Architecture template
  • Defense Acquisition Guidebook
  • Design Review tools
  • Product Review tools
  • Test Tools

Use Cases

Proven projects from government, industry and academia with different process names but all boils down to lean and agile of iteration and collaboration and no waste or duplication of work.

[2] The WIKISPEED 100+ MPG car.

[3] SHOP process for DoD Skunkworks project.

[4] CTRRA process for DoD Distributed Test and Evaluation Infrastructure

rGm certified

Do not let the fancy word of certification scares you. This is the place where various project leads can show off how awesome their projects are because they either reduced waste or simply is on track with production.

What do you get when your project is rGm certified? Self respect, pride, and coolness. Not to mention a free trip to "the farm".


Better yourself. The lean approach can also be applied to your life, not just manufacturing or production. Read more about how the lean approach is extremely Zen-like. Please share your knowledge here so others can be lean too.