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marcin jakubowski - part1

a current project that we're looking into right now is a food-backed currency and the key to having a food-backed currency be effective is to have broad ? production of food and Marcin's project is about the technology that makes food-production accessible to individuals and small groups and enables that broad-base production of food and the self-sufficiency that comes with that so I'm turning over

thanks a lot I'm glad to be here this is more than just food we are talking about a whole construction set for resilient community so the concept is simple here: We organize the question what will happen if we took all that humanity has learned to date and apply it to making a better world? well, what is the answer to that? We think that it is the creation of resilient communities which are able to live off their local resources and the concept here that we are trying to talking about is miniaturization of civilization What are the limits as humans can learn to apply modern technology to using literally the dirt and twigs beyond their feet to create the full stuff that's the substance of civilization so given that we have access to incredible technology today that's possible and here is ? before let's start with some of the basics what are the constrains that we as humans are facing and that's energy, material and some of the key elements and that is information but on the energy front when we talk about post-scarcity let's begin with the fact that if we use modern technology with solar-concentrator electric technology then the area required to power the entire United States will take only 0.3% ok so let's start with that figure that's serious if we consider that that has huge implications so let's get rid of the notions of scarcity we like to operate from the point that we're not gonna scare you that you've got some doomsday scenarios we're gonna try to appeal to the creative power of humans have the ability to evolve as the motivation for doing this work so if that's the case why isn't that happening? i can also tell you if that technology for example became open source which we have seen in the software model if we extend that model to the production of physical hardware then we can talk about say a five or ten factor reduction so say you take solar-concentrator technology that exists today and you just open source it then we can be talking about that technology being applicable not only to the south west of the united states but throughout literally the whole of north America so let's move on to what happen behind energy's scarcity ... next so if you have access to energy then from aboundant materials you can create the feedstocks of civilization so, to give you two examples: using proven processes you can take clay and you can smelt it into aluminum which is the substance of advanced civilization or you can take sand and smelt it to silicon which is the digital age so i put this pictures here ? a huge compromise well so that's what happens today huge infrastructures, big tracks roling out downer and eat down the mountain and a huge process well we can do the same thing on a table top (next) if you have access to energy so the point is that we have an advance civilization today this is an example of an open source project called reprap we called or we talk about start track replicator we called of replicator is an 3D printer open source that can print you all kinds of 3D objects and guys noise have two small version of that of this of the device base on this so for example you can print things like: plumming fittings I can print out a grafting tool with which then I could graft apple threes for my orture thing like that you can also print plastic shoes if you wanna do that well this is the promise we've got this advance tecnology today we've to start to applicate (next) this is what we are doing we are seeing let's take a small subset of the all the infrastructure which society uses to provide its food energy sheltar (farbisogno) tecnological production software and lets reinvented in an open source that is adaptable so is usable lifetime design that serves people that is lower cost lets talk about start bulding resilient comunity with that so these are some of the tools that we have that we are working on (next) what we are talking about we're building this things this thinks this an example of an open source tractor life trac is the first prototipe is open design so you printable if you have the skills you can replicate it and you can build it move forward we build an open source CNC tource table prototype that's this are not a product relised yet it's at the prototype stage (next) this is one photo of the second prototype of the compress earth big press boo wich we have actually now took to the full product relise stage and we are showing prety mouch encredible results that's all news since then we've achieved 16 bricks per minute maximal production such that this machine that we can bild at 300 dolars in materials we get to the performance competetion with a makine 4000 6000 dolars this is a robust business model in there for example is we cach 4000 dollars for labre to produce one of these machines you can sell for 8000 this is what we are doing we have a first seller already so we demostrating that we would step in economy into this operatin.... and the product we are making actually work next concept that we promote is open bisness model this is about developement for everybody so we are publiscing not only the plans but the way to produce the machines such as the fabrication procedure ergonomics of production materials sourceing and builting materials and so forth so thats the concept of an open source bisness models the concept is about replacing scarcity resources by working on your tecnology base by encresing your meens of production to a particular level you can take those under your feet and turn them into modern survival ok next the concept we propose is viral village that once we've this entire set peple can thake it and build build his comunity for real and we talk about the concept of resource-based economy the concept that you are using resource from your very environment like guys project, they talk about the resource based economy and they are more futuristic about it and more praticaly about it because we're doing that right now very --- if your natural resource use isn't check because of a natural feedback sistems than your papulation explosion wich we don't have a solution for jet things like that so by design if you have the local resilient comunityes thats all nature resilient is a sostenable regenerative and more than that wich we are talk about next this means that we wanna use local resources and this is our competitor and our point is that if buy building effective mean production we can do the same but on a much smaller scale this is an example of some rosberry from my place so we have got 30 acres parcel in cansas city area misery that's how we're working on our experiment so go forward as we mentioned there's no talk about compromise on quality of life no doomsday the scenarious required there is a very feautures tath we talk about neosubstances lifetime design in these to points autonomy for everybody --- let's move forward and one exencial axpet of this empire set is the flexible fabrication of infrustructure which contains a few basecs tools such as we've got welding this is your 3D printer CNC machining enduction --- thats the torch table thats the 3D printer just a number of basics tool that you can capitalize for this entire set is open source and cost about 20000 dolars but you can build up an incredible capacity to produce and that especially give a computer numerical controlls just computers system fabrication wich then you can download design from global sources and produced it localy which is a very powerfull concept for creating a local resilient economy.

little project called replab which means the open source version of the fablab for whoever here --- about that fabrication lab several robot tools that can built just about anythings so the tecological part we fill actualy is the easy part you have to start ask yourself about evolution of the uman being to first gain the skills and to gain as wearness of your mind and if this staff is possible to reconnect ourselves to other reason to a true meaning. those of things that were happened much more difficult. we are hoping on the tecnology to give us help. ok so go next Join us in this development is a totaly trasparent open proces we are looking for colaborators all times right now we have to people are facility thers third gay documentaty work for us this weak but we are little babyes and we have been on the land for three years

we done this prototypes first product relise but we are starting and we have praticaly anything yet ok so swich over to next paragraph this is my presentation giust for give you a brief overview and now we are going to talk more explicity about a sub set of only 8 of those 40 tecnology that you've saw in one of those pictures and how they can actually contribute to built a real economy real productive yes come on in, come on in wellcome so what we are doing now is taking a small subset of we had talk about just before and saying how we can actually create a real economy and real busines model operation program look like for creating that so take some key tecnology that is any is like I need to put a --- bacause in our opinion for what we have learned on experience to date the solution is write in front of our eyes it turns in kind of tecnology in kind of productivity give you selecting few of the key key tecolology such as the compress earth brick press the open source tracktor a full automatica sawmill for hight productivity 50 kilo watt wind turbine haying and baler adn pelletizer for make biomass full or base for other purposes modern steam cobine power system stim angens CNC torch table ok thats are hardware next let's tolk about the product. We can get bricks for constructions we can get food because by the way all of you will use a tractor because tractors produce your food write full construction lumber from the saw mill electricity fuel engine power fabrication capacity CNC torch table is one of the key components just with the torch table and the whelder and the joe press tools that cost about 3000 dollars you can put together all of this so this package is replicating and self replicating if you have computer system and authomation to that so we already know that your food system like plans and animals are self replicating --- with modern tecnology ok let's we move forward the impact are profound you talk go back go back we are really talking about sufficiency total suficiency in your food housing energy electicity and fuel and prodoctivw economy is like is allmost redikiulous but this small set of tools can give you a lot of different power so move on

as far as the people take you take 5 to 10 people you take your architect/builder farmer sustainable forester engineer where the engineer defines the guide how runs the steem engens now custom fabricator and put this people on a parcel of land let them go to work and create a robust economy ok let's move forward yea that's good so if you just teak for example the custom fabricator you can produce all of this at those above material cost on the material cost so take about 31000 dollars in material pluses skill custum fabricator and you can replicate this entire set for earning in terms of economy go forward if we talk about productivity from fabrication like we demostrated with the compress earth big press we talk about 5000dollars for about 2 weeks of fabrication for CEB press same price to the tractor maybe the sawmill save the win torbine gives you a conserve of 10 dollars of energy per day the pelatizer and bellingof eight to make few pellets for stimy engines which are an external combustion engine you burn a fuel, you generate you turn in engines to generate electricity well the economics of that we saved munch up about six of those large bells, you get about 3000 dollars worth of fuel eqivalent from 3 days of work so to give you some real numbers our parsel right there we can get about 4000 pounds of biomass per acre on a susteinable regenerative bases hey this equivalent to buy 500 galons of fuel per year per acre thats why I'm not impress by the things like the peak oil stuff that's the thing that if you do not know about this kinds of productivity that we have the tecnology that we have you gonna be scared by it but if you see the power that we really do have in effective and the sunlight is still coming the sun is still shining and isn't gonna to desapire for a long time where in this an shape in terms of this package we could easy far see that with our fabrication capacity we can generate abaut hundred --- fabricator, plus a new grate warks called subsilience ok next slide what is subsilience this is a new word which we talk about in our work there firts is was substenability then there was regenerative design then there was resilient communities and now you take combine the concept of subsistence with modern tools or subsistence plus resilient and call it subsilient so that's what we belive is after the resilient movement this is what we are developing right now we talk about flexible specialization where the people who are doing this there not your specialise grans turning boalts in a factory .there adaptable flexibly specially any person in that list in principle take on the tasks of any other person so you desing totaly down the --- to the system to make it resilient we are proposing that at the end of the day when a worker done you can work two hours a day and get your modern star standar of living and thats i think we are susteninceting by the work that we are doing and whit the compress hearth brick press first product we are corrently showing that we argue those 5000dollars for 2 weeks of wich is if you look on hour product bases is everything that everybody uses therefore we don't really have issue of market in fact we eliminate we kill the sells men all toghether and even right now I have to do may be I don't know the 20% of my time peddling my work to be a sells man that's a form of waste ---

move on so --- unplaged lifesyle like the --- free yourselfs from the matrix, unplug check it into a different life style and evolve to freedom that's our goal let's move on so what is the strategy how can it be done first we are just had the stage --- just developing the set if there is 40 different pieses of it we've got one done only, after --- two years of pretty much dedicated work plus I few hundred prototypes but right now 1/40th is complete so ones we have this pakedge down we can provaid an emerge training program for people it is like equivalent to be ecology education but now we have to learn something reals ,some pratical skills. Boyes because I can tell you my experience I wanna --- in physics and further I went the more desappointed I was regarding my competition to society we get into far out stuff that didn't exist be really hit me in haed one time when i went to the physics professor saying " I don't hunderstand this whats this, what is this stand for? " --- it was some and he told me well it doesn't exist I just made it up ok so you have been tolk staff that is totaly around that people are playing in a sand boxes doing whatever they want but not are dressing person --- shoe so lets reinvent education and thats the point number two. So say you train this five or 10people you get together chippen ten thousand boxes together an hundred key and you can get yourself some land safety for 50000 dollars capitalize the infrastrutture all the hardware --- for 13000 get your people together get for those people fabricators on a land fore two month they build the entire set with their skill and --- 8 tools they invest 3000 for a welther toarch drowpress and some tools some power tools and then build so have a party building build your community you've got the tractor you have got the CB prass --- you have got the lumber brick and other materials you've got the horse power say a tractor which is realy equivalent say a 15 horse power tractor the equivalent of the former 15slave plantation well if we use this thing effectively we've got encredibly power in our hands, and the potential is totaly on --- in our opinion so build this village and have a transformermative experience will really change

as you do you see that this is possible you told you trasform your minds --- life is a transformative exprerience it's been that for me, and farther i'm going in to it's more crazy in term of how is possible it is this thing is so thats my experience that I can share ok next so what we are doing here as I mention right here is creating the an economy of abbandons where by using tecnology you turn it into stategy resource that we find over expend bilions of dolars in protection now you can turn those resources into abboundent resources even can be more wise in terms of how we use what resources you have or by using higher tecnology to take the common materials in the ground and turn them into the stuff of modern civilisation so one other --- the feture is where open source is a collaborate of effort. we operate according to the --- oec specification which is a set of principles that we fall show the next page, and what we'll say about it is if few of us will get together right now we have one product,we are willing to share that so imagin get few more people few more product we can all share those design of open source then we can all those people can build up very powerfull economic bases very quicly for example two ears to do that but right now you can jump on a ship and you know you can spend a few month and learn all those skills to start enterprize your self that's the point of the open business model it's called:sharing we wanna turn citizen consumers into producers and create the death of the sellsman because if we think about it how much over energy today goes to all those functions associated with sell think about how much human energy can liberate if you turn your economy into one worth you can provide for your own needs and your comunity and you don't have to work to make a living you still can tray for external stuff if you need it but you don't have to be, because you're sufficient on a basic of surival, there for by design eliminate things like war --- politics all of that, let's gone so move on ---

(that part is)???? feasibility this is totaly real we are showing this is nothing new the tecnology base that we are toalking about is all pretty much all news what we are doing is adapting and opensourcing this is an example the full product relise of the open source compress earth brick press we are getting 16 breacks per minute out of this thing and as far as actually the electonic controll it's a fully automatic machine

we are using --- controller we are using the power electonic from the reprap project the 3D printer those are the electonic that we use open source controller that are a new project such that electronic which is the most complecated part of this machine so to say is totaly open source transparent others guys have already done the documentation on it, we don't have document it's building these others work witch is the way in wich open source business model work so the liberator that is open source CB press that's the case --- point of these stuff working is our first product so let's move on to all ose specifications, where these properties of these tools that we're developping, that make it so powerfull or realble well you have to start with totaly economic significance or abundance, we're gonna make tractor or a new blew energy ecquipment we not gonna make like teddy bears or something wich you can make it leater on your own is you want cause it's not exencial for your survival let say what I'm going now focus are really important thing you definetly need and there for eliminete the need to market is basicaly soft marketing --- open documentation is key as I menction we are talking about the destribution of economics how do you make this, that everybody can benefit i mean, open business model and so forth however trasformetive nature of enterprise so no business as usual we believe that if we can create all this resilient comunity and tecnologic based economy that meens that any comunithy that dose that we think than starts to controll it's own politics it's own currency you by default create a policial and economic system in a fascined and small scale small scaled decentralized republics so we are going back to republic as these countris has fellt it out. wich is a huge thats a big point we focus on systems design that means to give you an example what system design mean someone had tell me about the steam engine that's a good case oh that is a rediculous choise it's like twices enefficient as the iternal combustion engine that's why the internal combustion engine the diesel engine repleced the steam engine well that's a very narrow point of thinking because if you consider of a fact that you can use for example any fuel and that fuel is local than you can actually clam compare yea if you compare for example say biodiesel or alcoolose fuel well the biomass that we get from a few grass such as a plane grass that you can --- you can get you are using all plants so right there is a factor of 10 over productive such as few alcohol or oil craps so all together from a this system prospective we consider everything in a all chain including the semplicity of a fact that you don't need --- of shipping on a war cost you can easy make the clam --- from the system prospector that the steam engine is twice efficient as the internal combustion engine more over the steam engines is applicable to concentrate the solar power of the sun to generate electicity so depends of what you are looking for a system design prospective so a far than more transparency development production is all open we invite people to joint and produce with us we are to make hardwares that means they have to produce post scarcity level of production that means we can simply produce to provide the same kind of life style that we have today so the very optimistic message that we do say is that we do if we have a right by design we don't need to invoke any of these prayers --- and in fact is a self regolating system with the local emediatly resource feedback loose symplicity and low cost is the absolute point we are demostrating 5 to 10 fall reduction of cost for the hardware that we make best example of that is the reprap 3D printer before the reprap project came about you have to pay 10000 dollars for a 3D printer after that you can build it your self for 400 dolars in parts of the very --- documentation that they provide so at me that means --- your self cost reduction is what the open source business the open source method is demostrating again and again is done that for software and the next step of that is hardware that open source developing method applyes the hardware just as for the software we are talking about life time --- scalable design --- disassembly so if you take look at the compress earth brick press is life time design design for disassembly is all --- parts together you can all the parts in about two hours 3by6 pellets if you wanna ship it if you wanna do that for example the werable part units as such cost you 40 dollars in materials to replace that so we are toalking about products that surf generation after generation it's transparent you can take two ranches to it and you can take the all thiner part the electronic open source document you will get all this component so all together made for life time design localisation is another fitures you can talk about local production you can talk about local sourcing beind you can talk about local production of the --- material --- building such as an immediatly available example might be localy produced lumber from the threes right our parcel t and at the forth level the deepest level we talk about open source equipment that gets you to the ability to generate local resources so open source that equipment produced localy and you have a full economy in there of course is got to be good for environment we are showing economic visibility and replicability wich of cource the open business model we are sharing the plans and our economic model how we go about building this things ok next that about --- all I've to say on this we are talk about the global village construction set is a small set of tools and a subset of --- as that means to create an economy is a real experience we are saying promising results other part of the --- is like --- about 4000dolars all together to date on the actual hardware for the CB press then we produce the tractor prototype a toarch table prototipe and so --- and cuple other things --- is only like 2M this is not what I'm talking about a huge of money to develop all those things in fact mean to open source the entire civilization is not --- take a few dedicated people the other part about this set of tools is that is regenerative ones you have it you can talk about producing the tools of production and deeper and deeper levels that you can get down to the things like smellting allumen from clay or silicon from send so thats --- tecnological --- and we have totaly founded by the crause we have right now we have 75 thrue fans we all together the baget is only --- for month now we belive that we are starting to get pereps if we have more sellers --- we are locking at 10k dollars a month baget so we can realy scall this world right now if we have more resources we can go about 4 times fast using the existece infrastructure and facilities so see more work on our --- at blog.opensourceecology.org thats our blog that ducuments for progress day by day and if you can support this work became a true fan --- two more true fans antoni and jorge already --- good investement cheche up our web site and thank you very much for --- so thanks a lot for having me here any questions? ok is training infastructure start with completing the so first you complete the set --- education the best thing to do is get immersed you came to our facilities and do an immerging training program so you don't have to write at some serius curriculum and more organize program just standard proces on curriculum development but the main point been that you have all facility where you living brething and learning about this not for some abstract goal but for your very tangebles resoultes all of your life that is a huge motivator and a program such as to define --- energing training like the equivalet of --- school colledge or --- that what we are talking about a serious experience and right now we are work pioneres is hard to work of course to a totaly someone as o do that so we are taking the leadership but once we do that for you to get train to learn about it and you can fallow in a full steps and make heppen much much easier time for doing thes you don't have to --- after its develop so how much land for person is needed for a sustenable? we say that we can easly have relianty with 1 heaker for person that meens your entiere food energy housing and fuel infrastructure if you are good by design so that meen for example you not gonna be traveling an hour to work every day mean that this is a part of the design this employment is local here your doing a little bit of work everyday and then --- most of your energy to the thing that are most important for your own evolution for the better man --- all of that so 1 acres is very save margin where I give you a fact several ender for the resilient hardware if save you have an inflecsive af a

we say that you easly have resilient with 1 heaker per person that means your entiere food energy housing and fuel infrastructure if you are good by design so that meen for example you not gonna be traveling an hour to work every day mean that's a part of the design this employments local here your doing a little bit of work everyday and then --- most of your energy to the thing that are most important for your own evolution for the betterment --- all of that so 1 acres is very save margin were ---- I give you a fact there's several in there for the resilien hardware if save you have an inflecsive of a refugist --- that numbers there's not a very hard limit but the absolute hard limit is detemined by the solar income because that is the all rapresent energy comes from but that per acre is 4Mw per acre which is huge if you talk about for example I'm just give you some reality check numbers which are improved for today one acers can give you 400Kw of solar concentrator power mean that's 400 hose--- for the electricity part of course you share with your fuel production fuel crope or what ever else and so that talking about be able to travel is you wanna do a documentary about you know you wanna have a regular life style we wanna travel all of that yea thats a --- you have 500 gallons per acre of fuel per hear so what's that you know --- gas still 10k miles we can go around the country a few times with an acre of few crap so we are traing to support to back up yours ey this is real so our next project --- the tractor product release and then the torch table and then the steam engine work with the pelletizer for making the fuel that a pretty important part --- projects ok more questions what size --- construction set--- well for example the kaind of staff that we are talking about we are talking about is easily 30 people like just to give you some numbers ok the turbine the wind turbine thers 15kw give you a conserver of 5kw wind power thats 5evrage if we talk about a well design comunity you pereps talking about 15 people house homes easily 30 people our parcel is 30 acres and the kind of equipment that we are talking about the staff we are talking about is specifically for that kind of small parcel like that but of course it dependes on who hard you wanna work your equipment like compress hearth brickpress produces 5000 bricks per day that mean a small house so in one day you built yourself a small house can build 300 of this in a all year if you wanna to go --- so the productivity is there and has t be there if you take the example for example of a tractor thats easyly equivalent --- 40 people well how many how much productivity --- give you for say for agriculture --- easely 30 40 people we think that easely for about 100 people so a 30 to a 100 people is quite easy with that ok another question