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I've love to have the Brick Press documentation on Paperight. What we'll need, essentially, is a PDF that fits on A4 (so US Letter size is fine) -- though we can do the basic layout work to PDF if you have it as HTML or something else.

We also usually ask for some basic metadata about the content, but since this is something a little different from a conventional book, I suggest that as a first step you just send us the documentation or point us to the latest version online if it's online. We'll have a look and decide whether we need anything in addition.

You mentioned on Skype chat that you'd like it to be free for outlets to download. Our plan is to charge for most things from 1 Jan, and to make specific exceptions for free content (before, we made large swathes of content free). So I'd be happy to have the Brick Press a free document.

I'm copying in our content manager Tarryn. She makes it all happen.


Arthur Attwell