GVCS Selection Criteria

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Simple Explanation

Whoever wants to add an item to the list, dedicate full-time commitment to developing that item to OSE Specifications, and to creating a Distributive Enterprise around that item is welcome to add other items. I'm all for increasing that list, and also for replacing any of the 50, provided the new addition has a higher score on the Product Selection Metric that was used to come up with the list, and provided that it will reach Full Product Release by year-end 2012. (by Marcin)

Other Criteria

1. The tools need to be able to facilitate the creation of other tools or processes. (they are upstream in the technological ecology)

2. The tools need to be uniquely in need of open source plans, due to cost and/or lack of ubiquitous information (eg. there are a lot of plans out there for how to make a bicycle)

3. The tools need to be uniquely in need of simpler, more universal design (eg. a universal seeder that can plant any sized seed is particularly needed)

4. The tools need to focus on providing these basic needs - food, water, shelter, manufacturing, transportation, electricity. (not focusing on communication or clothing yet, although they are a subset of manufacturing)

5. The tools need to each be a tangible object, not a process or a bunch of tools in a certain arrangement. (for clarity of the GVCS meme)

6. The tools need to work with the other tools, share the same design language, and use as many of the same parts as possible.

7. The tools need to be made from standardized parts that you can order online at this time, standard sized stock steel, and standard sized stock aluminum.

8. The tools need to be made exclusively from parts that could eventually be made by the other tools in the GVCS.