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Outline of Wiki Templates:

Machine Page Template: (one page for every machine)

For Every Page:

At the top, Bold links to:

  • Development Page
  • Instructional Page
  • User Manual Page

Followed by:

Product Icon, Status Headline, Problem Statement, Performance Analysis vs. Industry Standards (data viz), Cost Analysis vs. Industry Standards, Conceptual Diagram, Product Ecology, Demo Video, Demo Photos, Design Rationale, Status Chart (references development template)

Development Page

See GVCS Development Template

Instructional Page Template

Design Rationale, Conceptual Diagram, Bill of Materials (with weblinks to sources), Demo Video, Demo Photos, Instructional Video (A to Z on the fabrication), 3d CAD file (metal fabrication), 2d fabrication drawings (metal), 2d electronics design file to build circuit boards, wiring diagram, Machine-readable CAM files, 2d Exploded Part Diagram, Computer Software Control Code for Automated Devices, Hydraulic Circuit Diagram, Calculations (for scaling purposes)

User Manual Template

  • (Why it Works? - physics), How it Works, Operation Procedures, Safety, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Repair
  • Why it works = (example: to be inspired look at bicyclying science, david gordon wilson)
    • torque and power
    • transmission
    • center of gravity relationship to terrain
    • steering mechanisms (ackerman - why)
    • terrain (mud vs hard ground, why / effect on power etc)
    • efficiency (how to know and measure whether it is working as planned)