GVCS in the Developed and Developing Worlds

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I would like to emphasize that in the 4-year development phase of the GVCS from 2012, our target audience is the developed world. This is because the technology base necessary to develop the GVCS is not found in the developing world. Once the GVCS is developed in full, it will have its own bootstrapping technological capacity to build advanced, appropriate technology in the world – therefore allowing the concept to be replicated in areas of the world which currently do not have modern industrial infrastructures. Therefore, we predict that it will be appropriate to take the technologies to the 'developing world' in 4 years, not now. Many people currently suggest that we should work in the developing world now. This is inappropriate unless a certain level of basic industrial infrastructure support exists in a given location – such that when the machines break down, there would be a way to service them. This would bypass type 1 errors suffered by many third-world aid programs.

We are proposing - eventually - an industrial bypass – or technological leapfrogging – for developing countries. Our approach is developing the enabling technology in the Western World for now. In ~4 years, we will be in a position as an organization to assist disruptive entrepreneurs in the developing world.