G Codes in Marlin

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See list at the Marlin site - http://marlinfw.org/meta/gcode/

Top Used

IO Pin Activation

  • M42 - [1] - Ex: M42 P5 S255 (set digital pin 5 to on). Internet sez: For a non-PWM digital pin you need to put S0 (or any value <128) to turn off and S255 (or any value >=128) to turn on.
  • Which pins are available?
    • D0 is the first most convenient at AUX ports - see Mega pins - [2]
    • For 2 adjacent pins with ground - use GND - D63.
    • Thus - to turn on a gas solenoid for the CNC Torch Table v19.10, use M42 P63 S255. To turn it off, set state to 0.
    • D1 if use 5v gnd D1 as an adjacent triplet. This would be M42 P1 S255
  • M42 P57 S0