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July 15

  • Continued work on the code of the CEB controller
  • Welded lots and lots of clamps together

July 10

  • Positioned primary arms
  • Retrieved and assembled pipe clamps from menards

July 11

  • Performed diagnostic work on the power cube

July 13

  • Bored holes in various CEB parts
  • Began coding test procedures for the CEB press

July 14

  • Bored holes in CEB parts
  • Created test procedures and began working on automated procedure

June 25

  • Performed further test cuts
  • Added a prototype for adjustment of pierce time
  • Added an interface for z axis control through Lasersaur App

June 24

  • Continued Overall assembly module
  • Completed grouping of latest CEB press fcstd
  • Temporarily fixed a problem with the Torch table path ordering. Paths can be ordered modified with svg editor inkscape prior to export. Tools such as gcodetools
  • Performed several test cuts

June 23

  • Added a tut on the GIMP page
  • Added a tutorial to download the latest version of FreeCAD
  • Weeded lots
  • Wrote instructional for gas operation of Torch Table
  • Began partitioning of new CEB model
  • Cleared out the solar house and organized contents
  • Discussed future innovations to collaborative architecture

June 20

  • Built silk screen frame and scoop cup
  • Sealed holes in solar house

June 19

  • Weeded
  • Moved supplies from solar house
  • Applied a layer of paint to the bottom

June 18

  • Applied two layers of stain to the solar house siding
  • Went dumpster diving in St. Joseph for screen printing supplies

June 17

  • Finished side paneling on the solar house
  • Picked up supplies for screen printed shirts

June 16

  • Helped to load van
  • Took stock of CEB press pieces
  • Fastened side paneling to the sun house
  • Picked up food supplies, wood finish, more paneling etc

June 14

  • Puked and slept

June 13

  • Puked and slept

June 12

  • Made changes to grate instructional
  • Did research on visual VC and alternative CAD programs and formats
  • Built automatic gcode modification into LasersaurApp and explored the code. Thoroughly.

June 11

  • Created an instructional for the Grate deflector module
  • Fixed the HyrdaFabber 3D printer-- flashed the firmware, cleaned the hotend, re-wound the spool and re-leveled the bed.

June 10

  • Worked to level the Ultimaker 3d printer
  • Got pronterface working on Linux
  • Unpacked pool parts and began to take inventory
  • Augmented the pool assembly instructional

June 9

  • Moved pool parts
  • Assisted in torch table configuration

June 8

  • Penetration test of CNC torch table
  • Continued through KiCad Tutorials
  • Continued devpage dozuki scraper

June 7

  • Worked through KiCad tutorials
  • Documented and assisted power cube dis-assembly
  • Built automated web scraper to coalesce devpages

June 6

June 5

  • Configured two routers in hablab [1]
  • Began work on consolidating work logs
  • Began refinement of Torch cutter goals and documentation of recent development here

June 4

  • Finished instructional for the CEB Grate
  • Installed new internet connection from the mud huts (Nope, broken again, will fix tomorrow)
  • Implanted gcode into the torch table for testing purposes.

June 3

  • Organized power tool and began to label shelves and drawers
  • Began construction and time lapse of Liberator
  • Found potential solutions to implanting a modified gcode file manually to the torchtable
  • Researched burying a cat5 cable (notes)

June 2

  • Augmented the Collaboration Architecture slideshow to include instructions about installing SketchUp on Ubuntu 12.04
  • Recorded and participated in Liberator deconstruction time lapse
  • Assisted in Ubuntu installations
  • Recorded extension cord salvation
  • Planted tomatoes and soy

June 1

Ongoing todo list

  • Polish youtube raw uploads specifications
  • Continue to upload to Trovebox
  • Push IRC
  • Upload CNC Torch table documentation
  • Learn KiCode
  • Find way of going from FreeCad to Sketchup Vice Versa
  • Update calender
  • NOLS Prereqs