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  • The process of coating a metal (Typically Steel) in Zinc
  • Typically done at Factory Scale, but may be possibly at a large scale/capability level Microfactory / Makerspace etc
  • As Stated in Metal Protective Coating Epoxy or Composite Coatings may work as well if applied properly (Needs More Research)
  • Also Cathodic Protection fills a similar role, yet is easily maintainable


  • Triple Zinc, ZMAX, or G185 is what we want for exterior applications with treated lumber.
  • G90, U26 joist hangers - not what we want for treated exterior.
  • 2x6 G185 - [1]
  • JUS26-TZ - triple zinc 2x6 joist hanger part numbers from mitek [2]
  • JUS26-GC is gold coat - a polymer coat on top of the galvanized for more protection [3]
  • LUS ZMAX by Simpson is good


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Vapor deposition/Sputtering

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