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Hello Gang,

This is great work in development, and I would like to team up with you to work on this together.

At the same time, I have not seen any bills of materials for a complete system, so I don't see how you are making conclusions on cost comparisons to our system. We have a predicted price of $1 per watt according to the deliverables defined in:

The main missing link in your work - just as in ours - is the absence of a suitable heat engine.

The Tesla turbine you suggest requires much development work, and best implementations that I've documented, at about 40% mechanical efficiency - are much below the simple steam engine efficiencies of 90%. Reportedlly, their lifetimes are low unless one uses exotic materials for the discs.

I suggest that we collaborate on developing a working steam engine. Please show me a bill of materials and fabrication costs - I'm very interested if you can show us something that comes close to our predictions. It appears that you never calculated the total costs. To do so would be very instructive, and I suggest that we both pursue the lowest cost path. I'm open to suggestions. At the very least, there are probably ways to incorporate design points from either system to come out ahead.

Given that Ausra appears to be the leader in solar concentrators, do you really think that the troughs that you suggest can beat the simple linear fresnel design on cos?


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   Gang Xiao sent a message using the contact form at
   I think that my new concentrating solar technology should interest you. It
   features a drastic reduction of cost and at the same time an improved
   performance with respect to existing technologies, and the technical
   details are now fully published.
   Give me a contact, and I offer to work with you, in order to incorporate
   this technology into your projects. Your current solar project is much too