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Garbage Disposal for Seed Eco-Home?


  • Convenience. But basically, it's sending the problem down the river, metaphorically and practically.
  • Reduces your garbage load. But you rob paul to pay peter - you're just making the problem not your own.


  • Taxing waste system of cities - more waste treatment capacity
  • If you are on a septic - more frequent pumpout - 2x frequency mentioned
  • Nasty ass shit inside, one guy hated the gnats that breed in it
  • Encourages people to send all types of crap down there - and thus clogs
  • It appears to be an appliance that has to be replaced most often
  • It can smell
  • You have to know what can be shredded and what not - for ex, apple peels ok, potato peels not ok.
  • You can burn it out if you send bones down it
  • Deprives of good use of nutrients- such as making compost, vermiposting, or feeding chickens