Wet Waste Grinder

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  • In small home or commercial form, is typicall mounted in a sink, and reffered to as a "Garbage Disposal"
  • Is essentially a shredder/mill for wet waste (typically direct feed, but could in theory be plumbed)
  • The goal is to turn organic waste (typically unused parts of ingredients such as peels, stalks etc, or scrapings from plates) into Sewage
  • Can introduce organic content that is typically problematic for older wastewater treatment plants, but may be BENEFICIAL to Methane Biodigesters etc
  • Is also moresocially acceptable / "clean" than compost "trashcans"
  • May also have use for making wet feedstocks into a Slurry for direct use, or drying/powderisation in various industrial processes
  • OSE Homes should have 1 in the kitchen, and one in a utility use (Garden/Next to Digester/In Utility Room etc)

Industry Standards

Home Use

Commercial Use

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Should be able to shred anything from small leafs all the way to small bones
  • Optional automatic water in (to prevent the need for running the sink constantly (or to even have a sink in other setups)

Basic Design



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