Gary Log - August 2013

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Sat Aug 30 - Monday Sept 2 Labor day Week End!

Friday Aug 29, 2013

Bucket completed in sketch up along with cylinder extensions and geometry / dump height check. Lucas completed the order, Katie got it out on Sunday. Seat, cyl, controls and parts for quick connects wheels were high priority. Worked on new CAD trying to familiarize myself with it. Need to start building things as I learn faster that way... death by video so far.

Thu Aug 28, 2013


Tuesday August 27

Completed Life Track QA and corrections with Jonathon, looking good! Made some suggestions regarding the photo-voltaic cells for the micro house to try and utilize zero net energy rather that having the need of large cells onsite.

Goals for Week

  • Get all parts ordered for Life track
  • Complete initial model with hyd basic structure and all systems complete
  • work on burn down plan with templates and web pages for development.

Goal Completion

  • Basic design of life track is complete, have a great start (90% solution) to controls, hyd systems etc.
  • future state is complete and put into action.

Monday August 26

Completed a rough schedule outlining the iron worker completion along with the Back hoe to be ran concurrently with the micro house. gave Life track 6 an initial QA session to include some rework, should be ready for ED QA tomorrow.

Friday August 23

Trying to burn down the outstanding pages and templates that need to be developed, while trying to figure out how to best utilize the multiple processes and development areas we have created.

Thursday August 22

Moved Life Track 6 one step closer to the final basic design stage. Basic frame structure is complete with fasteners coming next. After the fasteners are introduced and approved we will move into the first QA step of the Basic Design Cycle. Updated PM GVCS LT6 Page, current Design phase is 67% complete. So far were tracking along nicely in regards to time and due dates.

Working on adding links and pages to the Dozuki's Life track development page to be able to track modules better.

Spent some time giving feedback on a prototype quick connect design, that may hopefully solve some issues of collars sliding on the shaft and may correct some size issues as well. Burning down our very long to do list form our epic planning meetings.

Wednesday August 21

Completed Future planning


Tuesday August 20

Planning meetings: Future state

Goals for Week

  • Complete Design of Lifetrack 6 Loader arms, get started on hyd system and work on a new concept for the quick connect.
  • Complete Future state

Goal Completion

  • Great start on Planning, Ideal state is complete, future state will be complete tomorrow.

Monday August 19

Planning meeting: Future state start

Friday August 16

Planning meeting: Ideal Future state wrap up, beginning Issues and Risks. Continue onto Future State

Thursday August 15

Planning meetings, Future State continued

Wednesday August 14

Onsite, planning meetings concerning future state

Tuesday August 13

Travel to FeF