Geared Down Stepper Motors

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  • 27-1 is about what we need for 100 lb of drive force using a 1" pulley. [1]. But only 425 oz in of torque. Only about 53 lb force at a 1/2" radius drive.
  • Note you can get a Nema 34 for the same price - [2]
  • For a similar price, we can get a nema 23 or 36 with no geardown.
  • We need about 9x geardown compared to a regular motor based on acceptable force of belt (9x the belt width).But we need double sided drive for more force.
  • Need 12 motors. It may be that 9x 3d printed planetary geardown is the way to go.

Compare to Nema 23

  • 425 oz in - $36 - [3]. More cost effective to use larger stepper.

Design Notes

  • There are very strong Nema 34 motors that cost less for the drive force - $60 for 1200 oz in. 14 mm shaft with 5 mm keyway. [4]
  • We can do a connecting shaft drive to drive 2 axes at once
  • Still need $360 of motors here
  • Only low cost way is 12*$8 = $100 if use 3D printed planetary geardowns with backlash correction.