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  • $50 for 2 people for 9 days in 920008 zip code - [1]

Feedback from Joe

Joe Richards 9:02 AM (8 hours ago) to me

Insurance is always a challenge.

If you have insurance on Factor E Farm - you can contact your insurance broker and deal with them.

Here at Pearce Williams we require renters to give us a $2 million liability policy - just proof of insurance.

If you deal with an insurance broker - they are your best bet. If not - I know that the American Camps Association has information:

Here is their link to buying liability insurance for their exhibitors:

Hope that helps.

Joe Richards Executive Director Pearce Williams - Summer Camp & Retreat Facility o: 519.764.2317 c:519.636.4285


*Submitted April 13, 2016.[2]