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There are a few different ways to etch a circuit board. if you'd like to add a different style please feel free add a section.

Toner Transfer

tools required

  • pcb etchant buy
  • laser printer
  • laser photo paper
  • acetone
  • laundry iron
  • drill press
  • small drill bit #58 (1/16 is too big) buy


print the mirrored image on laser photo paper

tape the paper onto the copper board

using a laundry iron, heat the paper until discolored

soak in water and peel the paper away

agitate in pcb etchant solution for 20-30 min until copper is gone

using a #58 drill bit and drill press, drill all the holes

apply accetone to a cloth and wipe away toner

check and fix errors

places where not enough was etched away or where too much was

reprap pen

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