Generic Model of Change

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This is an attempt to produce a universal model of change that can obtain wide buy-in. This model exposes assumptions, and allows people to buy-in for execution. Widely-known mental models are exposed, promoted or debunked. The goal is a multibillion dollar funding proposal on a specific execution path for producing a sweeping cascade of societal change.

Naturally the model is lean - it is distilled only to points of full agreement, and other parts are edited out ruthlessly.

Any point proposed must have wide backing provided by rational, moral, and collaborative reasoning.

The model starts with a premise of collaboration and abundance, as the existence of a growing pie is a prerequisite for abundance thinking.

The model simply integrated the most accurate and beneficial mental models for inclusive human prosperity, while acknowedging natural resource constraints in conjunction with constraints of the human psyche.


  • Understanding the correlation between resource distribution (material wealth) and polarization. IF indeed poor material wealth distribution is responsible for political polarization, then we agree to address equitable material wealth.
  • We agree to reform any institution, which as a complete human fiction, concentrates wealth unequivocally. Ie, we identify and uproot institutions and mechanisms of creating an unlevel playing field.
  • Do we all agree that the playing field is not level? How do we level the playing field?