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New comment on your post #421 "Product Release Fund" Author : Geoff (IP: , E-mail : URL  : Whois  : Comment: "All that we know about the design at present has been documented in simple drawings, fabrication pictures, and video. Short of someone being here, there is nothing more that we have to offer."

From a personal perspective, herein lies part of the problem with getting others to have a go and share ideas. If I was to start work today on a CEB press I'd basically be starting from the same point you started from, and besides the notes and ideas would have to figure a lot of the details out. A good start would be a series of pictures showing all the pertinent details of the device from all angles so at least we could reverse engineer.

Anyhow, I'm willing to put up some money toward this goal, have you got a link to provide it handy, one which means we get on this PRF list?

On the issue of throughput, have you considered a much larger hopper that you can dump a bucket load or three of earth into, with a coarse mesh seive at the bottom, and the rotary hoe component under that, attached to the device, feeding into the original hopper?

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