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The Gini coefficient is a measure of wealth distribution. 0 is the case of perfect distribution, where every single person on Earth has the same earnings. 1 is the case of a super emperor receiving and controlling all the wealth generated in the world.

In early recorded capitalist history, the Gini Coefficient started at about 0.4 in the USA. Today, it is approximately 0.8. It appears now that the Gini coefficient is decreasing since about the year 2000. More research needed here.

According to Oxford study - South Africa is the worst.

OSE Case

See the Open Source Leadership Summit presentation of 2018 for a discussion of the Gini Coefficient with respect to OSE's work.

Seminal Work

  • Published in 2018 - The Archeology of Wealth Inequality - [1]
  • Another study from the Institute for New Economic Thnking - at Oxford - [2]
  • NEED TO RECONCILE = one says 0.8, other says 0.5 for the USA.


see Wikipedia:Gini coefficient


Correlation is not causation, but the Polarization Index Follows the Gini Coefficient, from Nate Hagens, one of the partners of Civilization Research Institute: