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  • Stereolithography for glass printing at low temperature. Glass s then fired. [1]
  • Paper in Nature - [2]
  • Can this be also done with 3D printing (plastic binder for glass) where the glass is then fired?
  • This company does lens printing. The lenses are made of UV resins - this is done with stereolithography.


It appears that only in the 21st century have serious attempts been made at selective laser sintering of ceramic or glass materials. This is a young field of full potential. For example ceramic molds can be centered and they can be used for metal casting. This also ties into oses Meg casting method where a ceramic mold can be used for depositing metal right from a MIG welder. This provides amazing potential for a complex 3D printing of metal Parts using basic techniques such as a MIG welder. This can be done with low-power lasers on the order of 10 watts. This is similar to the basic d3d laser cutter proposed for ose.

See for example this paper on laser sintering of ceramics. [3]

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  • Plastic 3D printing with decently clear results on PC, PET, and Amphora filaments - [4]