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Conference on extending human potential. Audience is filled with peak performers and shatterers of the veil of human possibility. Marcin participated in Glimpses 2013 -

July 2013

Here is Marcin's Prezi, and script below.

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Hello, my name is Marcin and here is a glimpse into the memory that drives me and why I created Open Source Ecology and the Global Village Construction Set; the 50 machines that it takes to build a small sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

I was born in Poland. When I was 7... ... tanks rolled down our streets– unfortunately, it wasn't a parade. I grew up behind the iron curtain in a state of martial law and material scarcity. My family and I waited in long lines for bread and meat. 3 years later we fled to America where our lives were transformed - where I was fortunate to study at Princeton and University of Wisconsin - earning a PhD in Plasma Physics.

I always believed the power of science could be used to solve pressing problems. I grossly disappointed. We were studying wave propegation and I couldn’t understand this one problem so I went to the professor and asked what was this about, where does it exist. Oh, he said, it doesn’t exist I just made it up. I said, “Wow what am I doing here?”

But I had never stopped thinking about the terrible things that happen when resources are scarce and people fight over opportunity.

So I said goodbye to my theoretical chalkboard - and I started a farm - in missouri. I learned about the economics of farming. I bought a tractor

then it broke i paid to get it repaired then it broke again - and pretty soon - I was broke, too. First video: I realized that the truly effective, low cost TOOLS, that I needed to build a sustainable farm and settlement - just didn’t exist yet. I discovered - that I would have to build them myself.

AND if I was going to build them for me then why not build them for people like me everywhere. Thus I began work on the Global Village Construction Set. The building blocks for true freedom....

Second video: We are working to ONE DAY unleash the maximum in human potential the world over; to give everyone free access to the know-how needed to process the raw materials around them into the life stuff of modern civilization. ONE DAY is not just a philosophical aspiration for freedom or a high hope for the planet. ONE DAY is a metric of efficiency that drives everything that my team and I do.

Say hello to this beauty. She is the humble Compressed Earth Block Press – the CEB – we call her the Liberator. The Liberator is made up of 36 parts including tubing, circuitry, screws and bolts. On Dec 18, 2012 our Open Source Ecology team of 8 built this Earth Block Press in ONE DAY. This was a hard earned achievement. It took us 5 previous production runs before we got it down to just ONE DAY. But when the clock stopped my team and I were changed forever. This CEB liberated us from the story that ONE DAY was impossible. From that moment on ONE DAY has become our practical, measurable goal that demands our complete commitment to mastery and results. And amazingly this CEB Machine can press as a many as 5,000 Bricks in ONE DAY, enough bricks to build our 3,000 square foot WorkShop with double walls insulated with straw. ONE DAY is also our rally cry for an efficient economy - Time efficient, cost efficient and resource efficient. With one operator, our Liberator presses 600 bricks per hour. It costs 4 thousand dollars for materials to build her compared to 52K . for a commercial equivalent. And she uses the earth beneath our feet. You can’t get more resource efficient than that.

James Slade In Texas was our first replicator. He downloaded for free the Liberator Plans and How-To-Videos. He then quit his computer job and started building machines. Operating under the principles of Open Source, each user becomes a developer - creating improvements and new applications. And their new and improved information continues to flow openly and freely back into our community of users. Each independent user becomes a collaborator and co-creator.

Zack Dwiel was building a house. During the assembly of the CEB he found a better way to organize the controller circuit board and software and sent the improvement back to us.

Zack SOT: “It just seemed make sense to use this machine for building our house so when I saw the design I was going to build I noticed some of the code could use computing and the board that does the controlling could also use some improving. Cause there are some people who think they could never build a house. But by showing them, hey, I never built a house before. I never built hydraulics before. But it seems to be working. “ The Liberator is just one of 50 modular machines in our Global Village Construction Set - which we like to think of as a life sized lego set. We selected each tool using the criteria that it had to not only be essential for civilized living, it had to be too expensive and too hard to get for most people on the planet. To date we’ve built 15 prototypes out of the 50. We are on track for delivering the complete set in the year 2015, all developed and built in our Extreme Design Sprints and One Day Production Runs.

50 Modular Machines ready for free download and replication - ready to build, to sell, to buy, to share, to improve by anyone in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the open source industrial revolution is upon us. From the simple Trencher to the essential Power Cube to the complex Aluminum Extractor, the desire to put these tools to work ONE DAY is building momentum. The DIY and Maker movements are exploding with self-sufficiency and new enterprises. This is how we headed into Spring... replication is accelerating fast.

(THE 12TH GRADERS BUILDING THE TRACTOR GOES HERE?) (Here’s a great story) Last summer, two high school seniors from Pasadena, CA, Hayden Betts and Daniel Leon, wanted to help out the South Central Los Angeles Urban farm... so they raised $8000 and built our LifeTrac from the plans on the Open Source Ecology website... they learned to weld and use shop tools... and then donated the completed tractor to the South Central Farmers... Here’s an email I received from a farmer in Uruguay 4 weeks ago. “We are an organic production farm located in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. .At one point we could not continue to use tractor technology and accessories. Repair took a spending far beyond our financial means. In our country there are producers who can meet these expenses, but most have been in the situation of us. We would like to have some exchange of communication with you... If necessary such that a technician from your organization traveling to our country, we believe we can ask the help from United Nations to afford that expense.”

Eduardo gives us a glimpse into the compelling desire for autonomy – the most essential type of freedom that starts with our individual ability to use natural resources to free ourselves from material constraints. A desire the Open Source Ecology is designed to answer. (add :30 from philosophy)

What happens to people when they are given access to tools that make them more powerful and productive than ever before? What happens when anyone can make anything anywhere? What happens when we can accelerate innovation to solve problems faster than they are created? The answer is in each of us. When these things happen, we will be able to ask ourselves - what ARE our deepest motivations and desires. The freedom to ask ourselves these questions gives us a glimpse at a new emerging economy. An economy of meaning.

I like Daniel Pink’s comments on this from his TED talk on the Surprising Science of Motivation. It turns out that people are not enticed with a bigger reward - but that basic motivation revolves around 3 values: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Autonomy - the urge to direct our own lives. Mastery - the desire to get better and better about something that matters. And purpose - the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are becoming the new operating system for our people - and ultimately for our world.

Culminating this July 4th, Open Source Ecology has launched the most ambitious endeavor in our history. In 60 days the OSE team is designing, prototyping and building the next 6 machines in our Global Village Construction Set - Micro-tractor, Bulldozer, Backhoe, Ironworker, Truck and Car.

Most of the metal work will be done on our new open source CNC Torch Table. Five of these machines will be powered by our OSE 50 horsepower Power Cube.

We are facilitating ONE DAY virtual Extreme Design Sprints using Google Hangouts. Our team then converts the Design Sprints’ SketchUp files to computer aided toolpath files.

In turn these files drive our HydraFabber to create scale models of the component parts of the machines: The HydraFabber combines a 3d Printer with a Laser Cutter and a CNC Circuit Mill … all in one portable machine. 

The designs will be tested through the assembly of these plastic and cardboard parts. Success here moves the process on to the actual machines. The goal of course is to construct each machine using parallel assembly of the various modules in just ONE DAY.

Pushing the boundaries and building upon the work of other open source projects – (Arduino, RepRap and Lulzbot to name a few) we have created this OSE Rapid Development Collaborative Process – a scalable and economically sensible method.

By July 4 , 2013 – 6 Machines in 60 Days will add a new layer to the meaning of independence day.

I love it! Now imagine, 60 machines in 6 days... cause we are going to get good at production. Or how about how good we will get at design. Imagine 50 machines desinged and built in one day through collaboration. We don’t know where we’re headed for sure. But as a former fusion physicist - rest assured I’m into explosions of major perportions. Especially, for good... for the every person.

Join our design team. The extreme design team. This includes engineering, video work, writing, design, CAD, programming. We provide concepts to develop, and wrangle a pool of people to do meaningful design. My goal for this year is to show that we can design a single complex machine - in One Day.

The Open Source Ecology has a long view...its sights are set on the year 2020. Every year along the way we are designing to scale and meet the demands of the open source industrial revolution. Once we have complete iteration all 50 of the GVCS it is our plan to turn to education - to recruit and train 12 OSE Fellows. (insert iberra here?) They will go through immersion training and each will open their own OSE Enterprise Incubators. Thus we would like to create 12 facilities by 2017 and 144 by 2019. From then, I would like to see large number of facilities poping up all over - like McDonalds. Yes imagine... one of your large Liberators and two tractors to go please ? (If they laugh - “hold the cheese”) Here’s the hat trick - getting the very best Fellows and giving them the very best training. Change is accelerating and OSE will need to adapt our tools and our collaborative platform to meet the changes we can’t see ahead but we know are inevitable. Sustaining ONE DAY at first blush seems impossible, but I believe the results are essential to the quality of life on our planet. Open Source Ecology not only reconnects humans to nature, it connects us to the best part of ourselves, to our own urge to be in control of our own lives. In fact what we produce are not better machines… we produce better selves - and the kind of true freedom that will unleash the maximum in our human potential.