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See Product - OSE Character Stand and Promise

See also working Google Doc - Character Stand and Promise

See also OSE Brand Team


Founder of The Story Studio:


  • Not artist, but creative director

Personally: creative inventor parents, worked with tools, knows scarcity. Emily is a connector + Personal Investor.

All about engineering and building - and connector and story teller. Invested in telling my story and connecting to others similar.

Work for OSE

  • Towards core brand and experience. People are attracted to authenticity. I'm far along, we just need to name it.
  • Talking across personality types
  • The 51st machine - the Human
  • I have the The 5th Element - not a great movie but emily loved it - about the person
  • I have the capacity to talk about this and act it also
  • I can create user stories - not only plans, but how people improve themselves
  • OSE - Build Yourself
  • Base Kernel of Entity - clarity on who I am - Emily - Kernel 0 - founation based on authentic being, and expressed to web, funders, media. Concrete and fundamental stand for further work.
    • Emily is expert in Hajj's first 12 questions
  • I am strong entity that is in front of the brand
    • Hajj knows how to work on someone who is in front of their brand

Mon June 22, 2020

Summary:' OSE has strong presence in Earned Media mentions. See In the News for a few examples of OSE mentions. There are many others there. We can contact writers for the media, and provide an update that may be worth writing about.

  • How to share private YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8_Pj3HcSoQ
  • Have a repo of feed - use that as a Feed for some person to do social media.
  • https://www.rev.com/
  • FB - LinkedIn - Instagram - Clips to instagram? IGTV -
  • Do Instagram on a phone, then it feeds to FB.
  • Best Instagram Video - World Economic Forum. They use writted word. Present on IGTV. 60 second limit for Instagram.
  • At 67, does not want to do work for money - just meaning
  • Future Literacy - http://www.futurexo.com/
  • Longevity -
  • Wants support by sponsors - for it to be free - but
  • Podcasts - good way to promote. Earned promotion - going after getting submitted to platforms.
  • Podcasts - do a media kit when we reach out for podcasts. Goals and current things that we do.
  • Feedback - what they recommend is a full time job - get featured. You want to be featured. Editorial and advertising staff at mags.
  • Get featured!
  • Find contributing writers?
  • From podcasts to contributing writers.
  • Time it property
  • Brand identity - who are we?
  • Plus campaigns for a specific thing.
  • 7 - in brand identity - it's 7 times per year
  • Whipple Russell Architects - Emily does the media there. https://whipplerussell.com/
  • Extreme Enterprise - admin, production, sales/marketing, planning, management
  • $57 for COCA is realistic if we have a lot of Earned Media
  • Can do ads based on title of person - on LinkedIn - c-suite
  • Target interns, tech students, titles - such as production manager.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earned_media
  • SEO - goes to platforms - but those are highly engaged audiences
  • Pinterest - highly populated by women, and also designers, doers, makers
  • SEM Rush - $99/month
  • Top 3 things in SEO - 1. User experience - good User Interface - needs to be good. Mobile and Desktop needs to look good. 2. Right amount language to pictures. 3. Tag - page description translated into HTML code. Metatag descriptions. Header 1 vs Header 2.
  • FB is in trouble - will want a management change. Anything filled with lies, should be cleaning it up/
  • Earned Media- right reason and right time.
  • Platforms marketing - list of orgs
  • Magazine - writers, DM them.
  • 2 pieces for timing - branding (any time), and events (timely).
  • 1% return on FB. Conversion.
  • Who is coming to website from where?
  • Of 1000, 35
  • Need:
    • 'Platform' or Earned Media List - allows you to drive what you show them - list
    • Podcast list
    • Earned media List
    • Fllow Earned Media - Author - who follows us already. Who featured us already. Ex. Arch Daily - and 'https://www.archdaily.com/author/karissa-rosenfield' did a feature on Global Village Construction Set.
    • We follow them -
    • University List - professors in open source, for collaboration.
  • Invite Wired Mag & Adam Savage
  • The Rabbit Hole - podcast -
  • YouTube - studio - presence is great. DL then upload native to facebook.
  • Sovereignties will be permanently changed (how?) - breakdown - heavy advances coming - universal basic services, how we work with each other, basic securities.
  • Believes in being subversive -
  • Every 7 years - new movie had to be release - because a new phase happens every 7 years.
  • Robert Sopolski - Stanford - every 7 years - your body is replaced.
  • https://www.nucalm.com/
  • Media package.
  • Also - FlipBoard - implement a flip board to follow topics and collect articles.
  • https://flipboard.com/ - embeddable. Sharing stories with social media - with your own take on it. Add value to it by commenting.

Session 6 - Nov 17, 2012

Session 5 - Nov 2, 2012

  • Rob Kirk - US audience - in the USA it is broad exposure through media
  • Emily made Rob nervous - loss of control; contrived; tremendous story at OSE, but need to make sure TV doesn't control the message. If we can't do it in a correct way, we shouldn't do it - according to Kirk.
  • Rob had a meeting w/ head guy of History Channel. Leader in reality vision. History channel - kind of tacky. Then there is H2 - content-oriented version. Serious content, not character-driven, contrived programming. Ex - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Marvels - is an H2 program. Mike is the exec. Showed them TED Talk. Typically pitches 10 ideas, this time TED Talk was compelling. Not right for History Channel - but H2. Competes with Science Channel by Discovery channel.
  • Key: absolute final editorial control lies in us. Not in contract, but show design must be focused in a specific way. H2 has 50 million homes. Ex - Modern Marvels has viewers. H2 Network started because History Channel left their core audience behind.
  • Marcin - racing the time, bringing people together for production. People with basic capacity.
  • Watch word in TV is stakes - business/financial; success or not;
  • Mananging leadership, enterprise, production, recruiting
  • Haliburton vs 12 Farmers.
  • Powerful force - lots of strength to do this. Unique vision, strength, and quality. This would give a certain visibility - transparent - open source, transparency. Rob is wise and has been in this game. Non-interference basis - producing. Ex. They did 3 months of following basic training starting with civilians. Start of Army of 1 campaign.
  • This involved 1 hour per week. On other days, just talk 'on the fly.'
  • Works on my schedule - when is the time? Few shows for 2 months of filming.
  • 3-12 months window for air time. Each episode - gather everything - 2 weeks. That depends.
  • Time, machines, etc.
  • Rob would be there a lot, and every phase of editing.
  • Follow and non-interference. On the fly interviews. Once a week for an hour.
    • Creative direction is wholly Rob.
    • Preproduction - Rob understands what I am doing. 2 people - every day producer + Rob Kirk. Full time. Camera, sound, producer + production assistant. On-demand structure. The crew itself has to be on-board too. On-board with mission. Helping in what we are doing.
    • Series for 8-12 episodes right away. Popular series.
  • Rob Kirk - working on 2 series right now - 12 people active + freelancers
  • Emily rad small production as well - understands enterprise.
  • About 8-12 months for the series all together. Shooting completed - then editing phase. Then may come back. $250k/hour episode.

Session 4 - Oct. 12, 2012


  • Media strategy: Not even PBS, definitely not reality show, but a private sponsor to do a documentary.
  • Emily has contacts who can make, market, and distribute to someone who supports me
    • Linda Abrams is a marketer
  • Find a way to sell a story directrly RElates to people - but supported and marketed properly
  • Emily talks to people - requires so much telling. GVCS is a tangible set. Thinks documentary would tell an introl
  • Plan bigger thing but keep showing the little thing. Photogenic, compelling, plus building machines.
  • Gus Stone designs experiences.

Session 3 - Sep. 28, 2012

  • Jeremy Sketchup Architecture
  • Captain Kirk for updates - no more than 30 seconds. Vlog. Coming out of Meditation.
  • Talk to Rob Kirk - Digital Ranch
  • Do a LiveStream for production runs
  • Butterfly catcher (sales, positive always), sword eater (buck stops here) - identify who is what type. DISC. Cohen Williams makes every person take DISC system to understand personality style. Bill is cutting edge on character assessment - has his own version, not DISC.
  • Emily assessment - I am a Heavy Producer
  • Must work with Katherine on Style
  • Bill Tobin
  • Social Capital Markets
  • Gus Stone - Systems Artist
  • David Gurman - vibrant data
  • Human Operating System
  • Systems guy and Graphic Designer
  • OD - Operations Design
  • Marcin is Machine 51
  • Identity is key to moving forward.
  • Stand and promise is a tool for aligning actions in organization
    • I inspire my team to get on the same page
    • Recruiting tool for advisory board
    • Influences social media campaign
    • Influences graphic designer
    • Influences strategy - once we are clear, S&P influence all business activity
      • Helps us define differentiating point- stand tall where I am, they meet me where I am at
    • S&P is at highest level to keep me aligned
  • Use S&P to drive strategy and ops, systems, people, commitments, conversation
  • OSE is driving philosophy - but it's also my life
  • GVCS is first product to market
  • Will get Sketchup Case Study from architect on use in visualization and transfer from CAD

Session 1 - Sep. 13, 2012

Session 2


Recording of session: File:Emily2.mp3.tar.gz

  • Nailing the promise and the (character) stand
  • Use Zubaida Bai Character Stand as template
  • My strong presence is needed to be out front, not like Jane Goodall
    • USe mass media and be out front
    • "Build Yourself" is a powerful offer
    • I can be revolutionary by virtue of my nature
    • Core value is Open. So let a TV show in. But can I control it? There will be challenges, but yes
    • Send the former offer to Emily on History Channel
    • Emily want to prepare this, it takes time, so I can turn it down.
    • Focus Forward is compelling, but does not show process.
    • If I am pulled into media, as long as I know who I am, if I am authentic, that will come through. Not Larry Ellison, not Jane Goodall
      • I am controllable by virtue of actions
      • Toolkit - yes
      • Handiest man in the world- let everyone feel power
      • Team up with right people
      • Producer and Network have ultimate editorial control
      • I would like to have ultimate 'positioning control' ie adherence to Character Stand with a taem member on our side
  • There is interest upon first meeting, and continuing journey
  • Words that are not discource - Autonomy is not discourse; Mastery is not discourse; Higher Purpose is not discourse
  • Current Stand: We believe in producing material security, autonomy and abundance for all. And that when a persons’ physical reality is transformed they can not help but become empowered, responsible individuals in their community.
  • Current Promise: We promise to remove barriers to material scarcity by unleashing access to know-how world wide.
  • Promise - Design, build, test, document - 50 tools - teach. Foundation or platform for taking civilization to the next level.

Session 3

  • Review strategy - value and promise - be clear -
  • What is positioning in market and market strategy

Session 4

  • Character Brief - see how above is codified in a character

Session 5

  • Moving parts - 1 page document - summarizing our positioning
  • It's a map of how often I need to take action social media, video, news - Media and Marketing strategy
    • Process for implementing brand infrastructure
    • Implementing brand infrastructure
    • Map of how often to act as above
  • Hajj is online identity


  • Brand Promise - [1]