Global Energy Use

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What Does That Mean?

Let's look at manageable units of production, such as a PV manufacturing facility that produces 5MW of solar panels per year.

How many terajoules does a 5MW array produce?

It's about 10,000MWhrs - or 36 terajoules.

Global use is 580 million terajoules.

This says replacing all energy requires about 20 million times this amount.

Welcome - to 20 million solar entrepreneurs. That is 2.5 people out of 1000 people on earth. The would be doable, so let's do it.


  • 1922 kg of oil equivalent is the average per Capita energy use 2022.
  • A 11kW PV system produces this much power. If every person on earth had a 11kw PV system - we would be fossil fool free.
  • Seed Eco-Home is designed to provide this as a turnkey option.