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"GOSH" an expression of surprise or wonderment when we explain to people what we do and how we operate.

Global Open Source Holding LLC or GOSH LLC is a for profit organisation to be registered in Missouri:

The name GOSH is not decided - it's just an idea and easy way to refer to the organisation. The idea here, is to have Gosh - Missouri, Gosh - California, Gosh-Indonesia, Gosh-Botswana etc., replicable business templates that can be used to replicate the business anywhere in the world, taking account, of course, local conditions.


Register LLC online with Missouri state department - $50

Resource: How to Start an LLC in Missouri
  • Decide LLC name
  • Members
  • Choose a registered agent
  • Articles of Organisation - to be filed with Missouri state. Member managed or Manager managed?
  • Operating Agreement - 6 sections
(i) Organisation - where & when org was created; Who members are; Ownership structure;
(ii) Management and Voting - How org is managed and how members vote;
(iii) Capital Contributions - Which members financially support LLC and how future funding will be secured;
(iv) Distributions - How profit & loss will be shared amongst members;
(v) Membership Changes - Process for adding/removing members;
(vi) Dissolution.
  • EIN - obtain Employer Identification Number form IRS.

GOSH-Missouri Business Plan

What business are we in?

We are in the business of solving pressing global issues using open source hardware and working collaboratively for the benefit of all mankind.

What problems are we trying to solve?

We solving the issue of lack of affordable housing for all people.  We will be building the Seed Eco-Home 2, a 1000sqft home for US$100K, for prospective clients.
We are solving the problem of lack of an affordable scalable completely open source 3D printer, which has a life time guarantee.
We are solving the problem of a lack of an affordable Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) machine by providing our open source CEB machine for sale.
We are solving the problem of lack of participants in the open source economy by creating a replicable business model that will show that open source hardware can provide a viable livelihood for anyone.

Product 1

1000 sqft Seed Eco-Home 2: Target Pricing $100K - $50K materials + $50K Building fee. $50K build fee = $25K Team remuneration + $25K for ploughing back into organisation for growth & development of new products.

Target 500hrs build time:

12 man team:
500hrs/12men = 42hours or 5 or 6 days to build.
Remuneration for team $25K/12 = $2,083per man or $49.60/hr per man for 42 hours.
24 man team:
500/24 = 21hours build time or 3 days.
Team remuneration: $25K/24 = $1,041 per man or $49.60 per man for 21 hours.
Who is our ideal customer?
Where do we find our customers?
How many Seed Eco-Homes can we expect to build in, say, a month? - With a 24 man team we could do 1 house a week, comfortably.


4 houses per month = $100K profit

5 teams of 24 = 4houses/month x 5teams = 20houses per month = $500K profits.