Global Village Construction Set 2 Minute Explainer Video

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Original version

Blog entries:

universalsubtitles-powered Video:


GVCS1.jpg GVCS2.jpg


Translation needs a timed transcription, so that translated voice falls into place. Tasks are:

  1. Write transcription. Done. Thanks for sending the script, Isaiah!
  2. Time the transcription. Done. Tool: "divxland media subtitler 2.0.7 for windows", which is free as in money, and easy to use: add text, time done pressing button as needed.
  3. Translate into as many languages as we can. Spanish: done.
  4. For each language, either add the subtitles to the existing video in Spanish, or record an audio file with the apropriate timing.
  5. Link to each translated video.

If whoever starts tells us which tools they are using, the others can follow that lead. Thanks! LucasG 07:34, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Video processing

Raw video files:

I used a Mac with iMovie to "save as" in m4v format, then uploaded that to youtube, then simply added the .srt file (see below). If you translate into other languages, just say so in this page!

Here are the m4v files:


You can download an SRT file for the transcription (as well as for the subtitles in other languages) right from the video's controls. Then you can either manually replace the English text with the corresponding translated text, or upload the English SRT file to Google Translator Toolkit to have a better translation experience.

Timing can also be used to add voice in other languages. Let's keep each other updated on how this works.






Hurray! I managed to turn on the Polski automatically! LucasG 11:29, 1 December 2010 (PST)

Adding other languages

The timed transcription is pretty much ready (minus minor unimportant bugs) for other translators to use. Translate away!

You can send your mp3 files (with 2 minutes of audio) to imagina dot canarias @ gmail dot com, and I'll create and upload the video. Thanks! LucasG