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Hi John,

I've been following your blog for a while and have enjoyed your ideas about infrastructure attacks and resilient communities.

You introduced me to the project for a DIY Tractor back in June ( I've been watching the progress at the Open Source Ecology weblog since then. Marcin Jakubowski has developed the tractor and some key implements to the stage where his team has constructed a building with on-site materials at a cost of $4 / sq ft. The project is also actively developing plans for a sawmill, distributed fabrication, and power generation.

The first of a series of video reports for Open Source Ecology is at

Marcin has now started a funding program looking for "1000 fans" to donate $10/month for the next 24 months to help develop the Global Village Construction Set. I have signed up, and thought that you might want to give his work another plug on your website in case any of your readers want to support his work.

A recent quote from Marcin that bridges nicely from his project to yours: "Last year, we proved that we could do Factor 10 engineering - cost reduction by a factor of 10. This year, we aim to prove that ‘recasting civilization at the cost of scrap metal‘ is a viable option. This may assist in recovery from Great Depression II."



Floyd County, VA