Globally Integrated Village Environment

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The "Globally Integrated Village Environment" (GIVE) projekt aims to understand and participate in the creation of an augmented human habitat that is characterized by smaller and more sustainable settlements, embedded in their landscapes and in informational /telematic networks of support.

It is our deepest conviction that we need profound social and economical changes to prevent the ecological and structural breakdown of our current societies. In this framework we think of information technology as a powerful means of strengthening local capacity-building, not as a goal in itself.

The goal of the GIVE Project is the documentation and connection of the best approaches to connect information technology with ecological design of human habitat - to contribute to their fast dissemination and augmentation.

On this background we see communal and local networking as intrinsicly connected to a global support structure. In this structure, "Global Villages" and "Global Cities" may play different roles, but only together they will form the network that we consider as the most reliable backbone for socieoeconomic development in the 21st century.

GIVE, with its conferences GLOBAL VILLAGE und CULTURAL HERITAGE IN THE GLOBAL VILLAGE, has laid the foundations for a community that hopefully will continue productive cooperation in new electronic fora and personal meetings in the coming years.