Good Product Construction Set

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Any successful product that qualifies for DMS consists of the following:

  • Modular, stackable, functionality addable
  • Scalable - extensively and intensively
  • Robust supply chain
  • Production engineering is elegant, is as simple as possible but no simpler
  • Eco
  • Efficient
  • Collaborative
  • Open product ecosystem
  • High performance - better than typical options
  • Distributive
  • Customizable - deep designer for technical upgrade, popular designer for customization, visualization and animation for artistic and media ends.
  • Future upgrades
  • Lifetime design
  • Fast to market
  • Job creation
  • For-benefit involvement
  • IT integration, app, automation, sensors
  • Digital twin and AR environment via Industry 4.0
  • Attention to detail - this is another aspect of product ecosystem creation as detail means added thought and function


  • Modular
  • Open, collaborative, interoperable product ecosystem. Follows accepted standards, but not necessarily best practices as some practices may suck
  • Circular glocal - global design, local production, closed loop energy and material cycles