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We need to have quality score of at least 3 on our google ads in order to be allowed to continue using google ad grants. This is because many NGOs used to general keywords and provided a bad client experience for people getting being led to irrelevant search results.

An ad grant is limited to 2 USD per click, and max 329 USD per day. 2 USD per click can be higher if the quality score is high, and if we use a conversion bidding strategy instead of a cost per click strategy.

  • have good account structure
    • general campaigns are grouped into smaller ad groups. e.g. Events > STEAM Taiwan Event
    • one way is to mirror the structure of the website's mennu
  • relevant keywords & phrases
  • landing page
  • ad copy
  • quality score
  • bidding strategies
    • conversion bidding strategy. Can bid more than 2 USD.
    • click strategy. 2 USD CPC limitation.


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April 21, 2020

Based on what you wrote I first thought it seems as if Google prioritizes payed ads, but after doing some research it seems as if many NGOs used too general keywords, providing a bad experience for searches. So google put a quality score requirement to be allowed to use the google ads.

With this in mind it’s important to have good content and a good strategy to get a high quality score. If the quality score is really high then it seem possible to even go above the 2 USD limit if we pay through conversion instead of per click. some bullet points

It’s also possible to get email notifications or automatically stop ad-groups which falls below a certain scores.

The requirements to get a high score with google ad words are connected to having a good SEO strategy, or rather, having a good SEO strategy is an important part of having a google ad strategy. So if we improve our general key phrases, keywords, titles, urls, and meta-descriptions, as well as provide proper landing pages, then we shouldn’t be that far away from being able to get more use from google. So let’s focus on the curriculum then, and when we need to we can move forward with a general digital media strategy. Preferably having prepared the various tools so we are ready to reach both active and passive participants to increase the amount of people we reach. Or just starting to use ad words as a way to see how successful our SEO optimization is, and our assumptions regarding keywords and such.

In regards to events, I’m starting to think it’s better to separate the online and offline events so that the online participants can get our full attention and not be outcasts. So that we can focus on creating a good virtual group feeling. What’s your thoughts on that?