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  • The nightmare of privacy enthusiasts, and a great tool for analyzing PR efforts, trends, public info (sort of like polls, but less acurate (ie this area/group searches this often, so you can reverse engineer/infer this about them and their thoughts/beliefs etc...)
  • Works via showing mainly google search numbers over time
  • Can also do other sources such as youtube searches (anything else, needs more looking into)


Basic Workflow

  • Search the desired company/website/term + some synonyms/similar names etc
  • Do some work there (and stop if this is enough)

Added Spreadsheet Wizardry

  • If you are good at this there is an option to download the data and plug it into desired software
  • LibreOffice spreadsheets perhaps?
  • Then do all sorts of stats work, make some nice tables and better graphs (trendlines etc)

Embedding in Wiki

Google Page Embedding

Spreadsheet File Embedding

Raw Data to Custom Table via Page Code

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