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Work Plan

Month I: June 17-July 17


Learn how to use shop tools

  1. Oxy torch
  2. CNC torch table
  3. Lathe
  4. Plasma cutter
  5. Drill Press
  6. Iron worker
  7. CNC mill
  8. Grinder
  9. Cold saw

Help with whatever I am able. I assume I will have a more concrete plan as I get situated.

  • Update: Director of plaster cross training, mob on finishing HabLab interior plaster and exterior stucco
  • Assist construction director in framing remaining rooms

Month II: July 17-August 17


  1. Assist in finishing remaining rooms in Hablab
  2. Begin site plan of Microhouse
  3. Surveying and long term site plan for Hablab Zone 1 with Gabi and Marcin
  • Rainwater Cistern Storage design and implementation with Yoonseo
  • Earthworks: Terraces, french drains, swales
  • Food gardens
  • Outdoor gathering places
  • Solar arc of food trees on East West and North sides
  • Cooling shade arbor on South side with deciduous food vines (grapes, hardy kiwi, annual veg)
  • Pallet chairs!

Microtrac Research and Development

  1. Background Work
  • Research: Existing related projects, Information Architecture, Analysis of Open Source Industry Standards,
  1. Strategic Development
  • Work on Replication and Recruiting Strategy, facilitate Subject matter expert surveys, design challenges for OS tracks, flash mob teleconferences,
  1. Source materials and parts for Microtrac V2
  2. Begin Build of Microtrac

more to come

Month 3: August 17-September 17

Production Runs

  1. Assist with CEB production
  • Fabrication and production process
  • Assist at first, will help with odds and ends, and learn about shop tools in the process
  1. Power cube
  • Assist with fabrication and production
  1. Lifetrac production

C. Wiki Documentation

a.	Become proficient in editing wiki pages and inputting pictures, videos, text, etc
b.	I can work on this somewhat before coming to FeF

D. Microtractor Design

a.	Collaborate with Lifetrac fabricators, designers, etc to refine current design, increasing 
     interchangeability between LT and MT parts, while retaining small size, maneuverability, 
      general ease of use and maintenance of MT

E. Prototyping

a.	Become familiar with Lifetrac ecology, research modularity and interchangeability with Microtrac
b.	Apply newly gained shop skills in fabricating first MT frame, quick connect wheels, loader arms, etc with  help of shop team

F. Field Testing

a.	Can farming team use this tool in growing operations? 
b.	Shop team feedback
i.	How can we decrease cost of materials while retaining sufficiency?
ii.	Document solutions on wiki

c. Farm team feedback

i.	Document problems and suggested improvements in maneuverability, traction, ergonomics on the MT wiki page
ii.	Implement solutions
iii.	Document progress on the wiki weekly