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This treadle powered grain thresher design was once very popular in Japan when many more people grew their own grain. This machine primarily separates the heads of grain from the stalks. This machine does not separate grain from husks.


Setup and Preparation

  1. Cut and stook the crop. Cut and stook.jpg
  2. Place your thresher on a smooth clean floor or on a tarp for easy collection of grain.
  3. Cover thresher with the hood to prevent grains from being dispersed into the wind.

The Threshing Process

  1. Place several bundles on the thresher hood for easy access.
  2. Use your hand to spin the drum away from you.
  3. Pump the pedal with your foot to keep the drum spinning. Priming.jpg
  4. Grab a handfull of stalks and gently rest the grains on the spinning drum. Threshing1.jpg
  5. After the hooks on the drum have pulled off all the grains, you will be left holding straw. Place this straw aside and grab another bundle of stalks.
  6. The grains fall to the ground under the hood.
  7. Go to the opposite side of the thresher to collect the grains from the ground. Finishing3.jpg


Video1 shows:

Video2 shows:

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