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Great Hall

Great Hall design

The concept here is a large central hall as part of a well insulated core constructed of CEB pillars and Straw Bale infill, surrounded by a buffer zone of uninsulated pure CEB rooms. It makes extensive use of clerestory windows to bring light to the middle of the building and provide an impressive open and airy interior. Overhangs keep the summer sun from shining directly in while the brightness of the sky brings light in even through the north-facing clerestory windows. The main roof continues out over an outdoor work/assemblage area.

Great Hall Design

I have not diagrammed the bathroom/service areas of this structure in this first conceptual model of the structure. I expect the structure would be lengthened to accomodate a kitchen on one side and a set of bathrooms and heating furnace on the other. Heating could be provided by a large central stove feeding warm air to all six rooms and radiating into the main area.

Could be heated by [Masonry Heater]