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Rack and pinion is a useful linear drive mechanism. We are using it for the CNC drive in Prototype 1 of the CNC Torch Table. It is also used to drive the x (transverse) direction motion on the Dimensional Sawmill


Gear Rack

From Tim Oravitz <>:

Price for the 200011 (1/2” sq. x 72” 20 DP 20 Deg) is $24.80 each plus shipping costs. Shipping cost for shipping to the contiguous 48 states is a flat rate of either $30 or $40 depending on location. There is a $50.00 minimum order. We do not accept credit cards so you would need to send a check for the entire amount. Once we receive the check, your order would ship within a day or two. Our remit address is Standard Steel Specialty. P.O. Box 20, Beaver Falls, PA 15010. We dot manufacture pinions only racks so I can’t help with those.