Greenhouse Gases

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  • Gases that adsorbs light and releases it as heat
  • Thus like a Greenhouse, they keep planets warm, even if there is reduced/intermittent light
  • This is why the moon, mars, or other celestial bodies with thin/non-existent atmospheres , have MAJOR temperature fluctuations
    • Or conversely how Venus is extremely hot (as well as being closer to the sun than earth)
  • The main relevant point is that Burning or otherwise utilising Fossil Fuels releases more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere increasing average temperature (as well as other aspects of Climate Change
  • There are various kinds, each with differing CO2e values, the most relevant for most Emissions are Carbon Dioxide and/or Methane (Along with, to a certain degree Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide
  • Water Vapor is a greenhouse gas, but due to clouds being reflective, and it's short duration (at least in the lower atmosphere levels) make calculations difficult, and most times irrelevant outside of high level studies

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