Greenhouse Work Log

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Greenhouse Work Log

Thu 29 Jul 2021

Need to start a new compost pile, the bucket is getting full!

Wed 28 Jul 2021

Moved peach / nectarine pits and bell pepper seeds out to greenhouse, in hopes of germinating them, from grocery store produce. Noticed dogs or other animals are digging up the bamboo, I should move them back inside. Moved my hand drill out to the greenhouse with a torx bit, so I can start disassembling fish ponds and compost pile.

Jeff brought in three medium sized pale green cucumbers! Grown on Factor e Farm. And some dark orange looking squash. I guess we can try making soup from them or something.

Tue 27 Jul 2021

Planted spinach seeds in two columns of the seedling tray. Continued watering bamboo seedlings transplanted to outside, 2 out of the 6 seem definitely dead. 4 out of 6 are thriving.

Sat 24 Jul 2021

One forget-me-not has germinated! Tomato seedlings are yellowing, not sure if they need more nutrients or sunlight, probably both and to be transplanted soon.

Turned and watered the compost.

Need to order a transplanter, and 4-channel relay board and some kind of (USB) camera module for an Arduino.

Found a mostly intact avocado pit in the compost, put it next to others, needs to be put in cup.

Next time to bring: hand drill with torx 6-point driver, plastic cup, toothpicks, camera for taking pictures.

Existing greenhouse pump equipment:

  • A working electric pump that is submerged in the fish pool, but needs a filter in front of it. This currently

drives the 3/4" diameter black tubing that runs over the aquaponic tubes, and gets clogged over the third or fourth tower and stops.

  • More silvery metal devices that appear to be splitters, with many smaller outgoing valves

Thu 22 Jul 2021

Write up Greenhouse Rehab. Water existing plants (bamboo, tomatoes, carrots, forget-me-nots, russian kale). Stick toothpicks in two existing avocado pits in plastic cups.

Replant all ungerminated bamboo seeds, leaving the five existing seedlings to continue on their own. Recycle the bamboo soil into other plants.

Turned compost. Took cordless drill

Wed 21 Jul 2021

Planted russian kale, 2 columns of the seedling cones. Planted tomatoes, 2 columns of seedling cones.

Noticed mystery celery-like sandy plant from the swimming pool has perked up with more water from the day before. It's not dead yet! Read a little bit of the greenhouse book.

Found Arduino controller and LCD display from D3D spare parts to use for watering system. Looked up some 4 channel relay boards.