Voluntary Enforced Consensus

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An important distinction regarding consensus. In human relations, everything is voluntary. When a person is coerced, 'voluntary' is much restricted in proportion to one's loss of freedom - however, there are some things that remain negotiable. For example, a person in prison can go to the bathroom voluntarily. This is not to say much for one's freedom - but the important thing to notice is that some, though limited, freedom still exists. By exploring such opportunities for freedom, one may expand one's zone of freedom, with the limit of complete liberation.

Consensus is voluntary. How could it thus be enforced? Maybe 'enforced' is teh wrong word - but the intent is:

Enforced means that everyone already comes with consensus. There is no struggle for consensus. Simply because the parties at the table aready expressed their consensus. Ie, there are conditions, goals, etc - that have already been agreed upon.

Perhaps the better word is Guaranteed Consensus. 'Enforced' here alludes to the precondition of existing consensus - so that motion forward could occur without first negotiating consensus. Because the more people are involved, we would never agree to all move forward if consensus had to be secured as part of the development process. We are talking about situations here where rapid development is desired. The teleology is Solving Pressing World Issues. We can always argue about how - but in rapid development events, OSE style - we assume that we are integrating and realizign already proposed solutions. We work with those who subscribe to those solutions. The solutions are too big to begin with - arguing about what to include would delay achieving defined, desired results.