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Gunter, Marcin,

Work directly! My purpose was to introduce you. Not that I mind being updated on what is going on. Speaking of which, where can I meet you tomorrow night to collect that pass? Thanks a bunch. That will let me get together there with Jeff.

2008/11/15 Gunter Pauli <>

Dear XXX

a suggestion for the team on the solar power concentrating on a vacuum tube filled with water

we used this already in 1986 but filled the tubes with vegetable oil, then you reach much higher temperatures

since the boiling point of water is 100 degrees celcius, some oils reach with the same effort 174 degrees ... and that offers a much better efficiency

now with heat exchangers you recover all that heat

we used it in Colombia at the hospital for the sterilization of all hospital equipment since 100 degrees does not do the job anymore

but now with these 90% efficient heat pumps you can recover with veggie oils 150 degrees of heat and that is 50% than with water ....

change the medium and get better results with exactly the same solar power .... only added cost is the heat pump but you eliminate a lot of other paraphernalia!

let us keep on thinking! and doing