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The gutter of the Seed Eco-Home of 2016 costs $250 from Menards, and when the first flush rainwater collection diverter + delivery plumbing to the rainwater cistern is considered - the BOM cost totals around $500.

That is a substantial savings if the rainwater catchment system were considered alone. But the savings keep adding up. Add $350 for aquaponic towers - [50] $7 - where others are already 3D Printing Grow Towers. If overall plumbing and water system for the entire house is considered, not counting water purification - the total is around $1000. If you add water filtration - that is another $450, and adding hydronics is another $500. The bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet can likewise be printed - for another [ $825. Duckweed gutters are another $200. $400 for the cisterns. Add to that the polycarbonate twin-wall glazing - $1500. All together, the total is approximately $5000.

The weight of all this is about 1000 lb - so given 20 cent per lb production costs of objects made via 3D printing (in the scenario of full automation and 10 cent/lb feedstocks) - this would cost $200 in production cost assuming full production automation - so a savings of about 25x. The days of artificial scarcity are numbered.

As usual, it gets even better. Once our open source materials production capacity delivers 3D printed plastic lumber, we can frame the entire Seed Eco-Home at negligible cost - for a savings of another $10k. So going to plastic from plastic trash bales, or from soil and CEBs - both get us to near-free building material. But not irregular material like dirt and twigs, but industrial, engineered material.

For rainwater catchment - Click on the 5 components to see the links:

This is a perfect case for import substitution with 3D printing, and OBI/OSE is planning to print easily-printable materials for the 2017 iteration of the Seed Eco-Home. To this end, we are setting up a print cluster.

Downspout to PVC

  • Going from 2.5" square downspout to 3" PVC is required for the first flush filter and cistern system. File:DownspoutToPVC.fcstd