HR Candidate Scorecard

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How do we measure the strength of a candidate for the HR Team? Via the HR Candidate Scorecard, measuring 0-100%, based on 6 items:

  1. Open Culture - familiarity with open source software? Open source hardware? Working openly via publishing ongoing work in public venues? Publish early and often philosophy? Brene Brown style vulnerability? Openness to feedback by not taking it personally?
  2. Collaborative Literacy - working together vs reinventing the wheel? Understanding the role of industry standards? Team players?
  3. Flight risk - does the candidate have a full time job?
  4. Commitment - can the candidate follow through on their 10 hour commitment? How do we test this?
  5. Protocols - can they create and execute protocols?
  6. Ratios - time per acquisition (HR person working with us and has recruited an OSE Developer (formal joining of team after Developer Test), having recruited a developer that stays (T+120 days until completion of cycle); fraction of cycle that Developer completes - which is related to good practices for retention