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These are the question that any OSE HR Generalist should be able to handle:

  1. Discuss the critical reason and OSE perspective on why high performing individuals would want to volunteer their time when they could be getting paid for their time elsewhere.
  2. Discuss the difference between the ROI of recruiting ad-hoc contributors, OSE Developers, and Apprentices. A time investment is involved in both cases. We have found that ad-hoc contributors come and go. Our intent is to produce a deeper commitment by investing in training OSE Developers, as the payoff is greater in the longer term. However, there are also ad-hoc contributors in the project who have been making consistent contributors for many years, and these types of contributors are valuable.
  3. Discuss the profile of an SME person who is in a position to volunteer their time - successfully - with OSE. A fully employed, highly mission driven individual, without financial pressure.
  4. Discuss the critical challenge that OSE has faced with SMEs when developing GVCS technology. Industrial inertia of professionals insisting that we do things like everyone else in the industry is a persistent issue for innovation.
  5. What is the Development Template, how it works, and why is it important. The key behind is modular breakdown and microtasking. Process managers need to understand sequencing of development steps.