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Late 2017 Version

Early 2017 Version

Open Source Software has changed the world by presenting the world with options. We believe that Open Hardware will do the same by giving people access to resources and materials to change their lives through Open Source appropriate technology. Want to change the world with us?

See what we do in the Founder's TED Talk -

The Open Source Economy is the next trillion dollar economy, and we intend to bring it to the world sooner with your help. We’re looking for a professional in Human Resources for an impactful and unique position with promotion track to VP of Human Resources.

HR Generalist Duties:

  1. Identifying and recruiting long-term Development Team members - including OSE Developers, Subject Matter Experts, curriculum developers, advisers, and other contributors to OSE development work
  2. Identifying short-term contributors for external reviews, curriculum development, and webinar presentations
  3. On-boarding and off-boarding of contributors
  4. Maintaining and updating a list of training resources, including recruiting contributors to assist in the creation of training materials
  5. Coordinating with Development Team leads on team staffing needs to fill any gaps in the Development Team
  6. Video recording of initial interview and uploading to YouTube as private records for quality control purposes
  7. Assisting in developing systems for effective execution of HR tasks
  8. Documenting all HR protocols as publicly-accessible documents, restricting viewing access only to sensitive information
  9. Coordinate with IT Generalist on filling gaps in IT infrastructure related to the HR function
  10. Maintaining a Development Team profile page on the OSE wiki to show current and past developer profiles, including listing contributors' skills badges
  11. Maintaining analytics on contributor hours, retention rates, recruiting velocity, and HR effort.
  12. Helping to define metrics and incentives for contributors
  13. Continuous quality improvement of the recruiting process to optimize team morale, effectiveness and efficiency
  14. Setting specific recruiting velocity milestones on a monthly basis, with a an average goal of 1-2 new developers joining the team per week
  15. Logging all work product in a Work Log on the wiki, and filling out a weekly Time Sheet
  16. Assisting Curriculum Generalist with creating a rapid-learning video on the HR process

As an education organization, we value transparency. Candidates are required to be comfortable being recorded on video. Part of the HR Generalist's duties includes assisting with or producing educational materials that involve a human face.

Task List

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On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

HR Generalist Duties Checklist

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