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General guidelines for HR Generalists when recruiting OSE volunteers from online or in-person communities.

1. Respect the prospective target community's rules and guidelines. Before posting a job description or direct messaging an individual, first take some time to identify, read, and understand the community's rules related to soliciting. If there is any confusion, ask one of the community's moderators prior to posting to ensure compliance with their community posting guidelines.

2. Always represent Open Source Ecology in a positive and professional manner. Communicate the OSE_Mission and values: OSE_Specifications#GVCS_Specifications.2FCore_Values

3. Keep the ecosystem in mind. Many of the channels, communities, and individuals we are recruiting are already part of Open Source efforts. Approach recruitment as forming a long-lasting partnership.

4. Don't spam. Imagine if you were a member of the community and visualize how you might feel to see multiple identical solicitation posts. If it feels spammy, then don't do it.

5. Be familiar with OSE resources and process in order to answer any questions correctly and in a timely manner.

6. Ask for referrals. If a target community or individual declines to participate at this time, ask them if they have any other contacts or leads who may be a good fit or are interested and willing to learn.

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