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This email will be your reference to the processes and platforms used by the development team. Please star or archive this email.

Congratulations _____________,

Welcome to the Open Source Ecology development team. We are very excited to have you aboard. As you know our vision here at Open Source Ecology is to build a new economy that is more innovative, efficient and democratic through open source collaboration and distributive enterprise. This is an ambitious and noble undertaking so congratulations and thank you for devoting your time and energy.

Your official start date is_______________________, The day you are selected to the HR team. This marks the first day of your participation - for 12 weekly team meetings (90 day development cycles). We release a product at the end of every 90 day cycle.

At the point of having completed 12 weeks - which would be on June 7th, 2017 you will have the option to continue. You will have a chance to participate in a Performance Development meeting with HR. The Performance Development Meeting is where we take an opportunity to learn from you how we could make the development process better - and how you could get more out of the process. If you have completed your weekly task assignments to a good degree through the development cycle - you will receive a star on your badge - a mark of having completed a full development cycle successfully.

The nature of this experience is that we are a development and learning community. We teach each other, as we develop a tribe of high-performing team members. One way we teach each other is by making video instructionals using Kdenlive- a core part of our education/training work.


To get an overview of the development work of Open Source Ecology, please review our Crash Course here:

Once you have familiarized yourself with Open Source Ecology’s core objectives you should get some background on our current project: The 3D Printer. For updated information related to the 3D Printer please refer to this page:


Your first task will be to set up a work log on the wiki. Please see as an example:

Include date on top, and post with newest updates on top Include links to all your work, such as uploaded files or working documents Post other team members' logs on top for ease of collaboration (see team members at Post a link to the on top of your log. Please fill out your timesheet by Monday's meeting every week - as we track development time so we can increase our team velocity. Please link to and on the top of your log. The meeting log contains recordings of past meetings for review. Post a link to the team meeting Hangout on your log so you have that as a one-stop-shop for all relevant links.- OSE Network - we are using the OSE Network 3D Printer Group as the official discussion thread for the 3D Printer group.


The HR team will meet every Monday at 7:00 PM CST at the OSE Hangout - please bookmark it as that is where all of our team meetings take place:

Please join the OSE Network Group for the 3D printer + HR team discussion group here.


By now you should have the OSE Linux Live USB working. This common operating system helps the entire team to collaborate seamlessly with zero barriers. This will be updated every quarter, so please update that as needed. Instructions for installing are at - please read this page so you are clear about the reasons why we are all using a live USB.

Link to download OSE Linux and Instructions for creating a Live USB. Click here.

Open Source Ecology is an open design platform where many people build off each others' ideas. It is imperative that we document and log our work - using a Work Log - meticulously so we do not produce duplicate work and we may have accurate statistics to improve efficiency. Here are the best practices for keeping your log -


Email Etiquette - do not send files over email. Upload them to the wiki, and send links in email. This way, the world has access to your work, as we work openly, and anyone in the world can collaborate.

Publishing Etiquette - “Publish Early and Often.” Do not wait until you finish something to upload a file to the wiki - upload immediately after you finish working on something on a daily basis. Use the version history on the wiki to “Upload a new version of the the file.” The reason is immediate access by others - as we typically encourage others to pick up work and continue it in a tag-team fashion - including even the cooperation of people who are not on the official team. The reasons for Publish Early and Often are 3-fold: (1) improved team morale as it is visible that work is being done, (2) immediate ability to collaborate, (3) not losing work - in case your computer crashes, or something happens to the developer - the work is still available to others. The only thing to watch out for is that anyone who continues the work also upload their work immediately - so that it is clear that updates were made. The developer is responsible for checking the latest uploaded file on a regular basis - to make sure they are working on the latest version. This process is an important culture point for effective remote collaboration by large teams.

Team Etiquette - we are a learning community, and we create an encouraging learning environment for team members. We pride ourselves on a positive team spirit, and an open mind for learning. We pull together toward common goals - so that morale is high - based on clearly visible results.


Open Source Ecology is an open source volunteer network and a movement. Besides being a movement, it is organized as a nonprofit education organization in the USA with tax exempt status. The scope of our mission is vast and it requires massive engagement from committed members across the globe. We feel the organization will have a greater opportunity to grow if our current team members actively recruit additional members.

Please update your linkedin and facebook page about being selected to the development team. Share the team’s accomplishments on social media as we reach milestones. Tell your friends and family what you are doing. It will take mass mobilization in order to successfully scale our organization and form it into the distributive enterprise of shared prosperity that we all envision.

Thank you,


Marcin Jakubowski Founder Open Source Ecology Richard White HR Generalist in Training