Hablab Improvements List

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  1. Finish and trim 4 hotel rooms
  2. Build out patio
  3. Heat pump/AC - install AC and get it going
  4. Install air filter
  5. Second shower
  6. Outlet broken in kitchen
  7. Fridge operational
  8. Scrub and clean all surfaces
  9. Ozonate
  10. Dishwasher functional?
  11. Organize printers, and production area
  12. Mop, dust, cobweb
  13. Stain doors of rooms
  14. Prep camping area
  15. Screen door
  16. Recycling containers
  17. Mouse and bug proof
  18. Set mouse traps

Wesley's notes

  1. Fix hole in dorm room door
  2. One of the toilets is perpetually flushing
  3. 3D print and install toilet paper holders
  4. Compost area/summer garden?
  5. All 3 screen doors are not bug-proof, the mesh net is broken in some areas and not fully attached. Screen doors will probably not be functional unless the mesh is replaced
  6. Long term solution to all the dirt falling off walls and insects making homes inside and around entrances would be nice
  7. Sun dry/vacuum mattresses
  8. Repair/replace picnic benches
  9. Wash/dry all bedsheets/blankets
  10. Far bathroom has no light
  11. Every dish and cabinet in the kitchen needs to be cleaned, ideally mouse-proof containers for all food storage as well