Hablab exterior

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08/25/2015: 30% done


*caulk bottom of of siding on SE corner

  • finish siding narrow bit on SE corner
    • two or three 2x4s horizontal screwed into roof to take siding screws
  • caulk the narrow bit on SE corner
  • 1x2 strip up against roof on E side can be flat or upright
  • caulk windows on E side
  • caulk that one loose piece of siding on E side (toward S)

*even out bulging corner on S side by where upper window starts

    • use chisel or reciprocating saw slant toward bulge

*remove pour forms on S side

  • caulk gaps on bottom on S side
  • put siding up under the rafter on S side
  • at corner where upper window starts, put upright 2x4, maybe cut down a bit so 1/2" sticks out
  • 4" or 3" screws for siding, 6" for 2x4s

*chisel out rough concrete at bottom of S side

  • gutter apron under window on S side
  • leave stucco under the siding on S side W end
  • corner piece on SW corner
    • a 2x4 and a 2x6
  • have 1/2" overlap with foundation concrete
  • W side use mesh then quikrete one coat
  • inventory mesh
  • check orientation of mesh to hold stucco
  • for mesh, use 3" or 4" screws, 1' grid (6" at edges)
  • curl mesh onto corner 2x4 and screw into 2x4
  • google 'how to stucco', see videos of guy in Cali
  • to fill rough hole on W side, add as much cement as will stay, let dry, then repeat
  • bring mesh down to foundation concrete, then use ramset to nail in (1 1/4" nails)