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Hello. It's Marcin Jakuubowski. I'm hoping you can help me find someone who's perfect for a job we're currently recruiting for. I've pasted the job description below. But, first let me tell you why it's so important.

I grew up in Poland. My grandmother was in a concentration camp. I was aware even at an early age what happens when materials are scarce, and people fight over opportunity.

It's what drove me to identify the 50 machines that are necessary to build a modern economy. 50 machines, from cement mixers to 3D printers to moving vehicles, that will allow a working society to be created. My goal, and my daily life, is dedicated to open source these tools, so that anyone - from the remote villages in Third World countries to the rural farms of Missouri, can have access to these meaningful tools to create a better life for themselves. EVERYONE needs access to these tools - it's why we're creating them with an open source model, and with the most advanced digital and physical technology known to us today. The intended outcome for these tools is for 12 people working for a mere 2 hours per day, purely from local resources, are able to sustain themselves, and take advantage of a modern economy. The goal is to build cities from the ground up, allowing for normal thriving life, while living in harmony with each other, and in harmony with the very nature of the planet we inhabit. With these tools, and with this outcome, I hope to decrease the barriers to human potential - freeing up human capital to achieve their higher goals of awareness and actualization, with an ultimate benefit of freedom for all humanity - for themselves, and for the continued growth of their spirit. And hopefully, the very planet itself.

So, you see...this isn't any job. This is an opportunity to change the very future...and the society we live in. I don't need just anyone. This isn't easy, but it's the best job, and the most important mission I personally have ever worked on. I need the right person...the BEST person the world has to offer. This needs more than simply someone with the skills. The person I'm looking for takes ownership and initiative -- and is someone who is both integrated AND humble. The reward? Being a key part of a working team that living in the future - today. Proving this can be done, and laying the groundwork for others to do so as well.

So, assuming you're still reading...I have a big ask. If you, or if anyone you know wants to be part of this exciting future with us, can you pass their names on to me ASAP? The future is waiting.