Hazardous Occupations

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From [1]: Hazardous Occupation means the job title or nature is aircrew, fisherman, armed occupation (including temporarily armed occupation), jockey, fire fighter, mining worker (including but not limited to coal, zinc, diamond and gold), atomic/nuclear energy related risk, quarrying worker, race track worker, butcher/slaughtering with usage of heavy machine, railway installation and maintenance worker, chemical product manufacturing worker, scaffolder, construction manual worker, ship crew (except those working at pier only), container terminal crane operator, steeplejack, petroleum and coal products (refining gas, asphalt and lubricating oils), steel manufacturing worker, oil and gas rig worker, professional diving, gondola worker, dock worker, stunt person, explosives (use and manufacturing), aerial photography and excavation (including drilling).

Dept of Labor does not allow minors under 18 to work in construction [2]