Heavy Duty CNC Construction Set

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24" Square Bed Heavy Duty Machine Case

Design of a heavy duty CNC machine for 200 lb lateral forces, such as a CNC metal mill:

Using 2" shaft with the CNC Universal Axis. 2 foot x 2 foot bed - deflection in middle will be 1/4 of the value from the 200 lb force calculator at 2" diameter shaft (deflection at end of 12") shaft) - because the Universal Carriage is supported by 2 shafts at the midpoint of the 2' bed, or 4-shafts equivalent at a 12" end of rod.

Shaft Deflection Calculator results:

  • Shaft: 2" diameter
  • Load: 200 lb
  • Shaft length: 12"

Result: 0.005" deflection - or capacity to mill engines and motors on this machine.

This means ~0.001" deflection due to the 4-shaft equivalent of the CNC Universal Axis

Bushings printed in Lulzbot Nylon