Hedgehog Concept

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  • Building collaborative, open enterprise ecosystems and communities for everyone.


  • Transparent, modular system design culture for distributing optimal, ethical enterprise.
    • End point is ethical, integrated, ecosystems. As opposed to siloed, disconnnected.
  • Transformation through transparent system design.
    • Implies the integration
  • Open, modular production for solving pressing world issues.
    • Not collaborative? Is collaboration a part if collaboration is not a good selling point? How are we inclusive without collaboration?
  • Modular design-build enterprise systems for solving pressing world issues.
  • Open collaborative enterprise culture for evolving to possibility.
    • Open collaborative replicable enterprise culture for evolving on pressing world issues by design-build.
      • True that most people don't care about saving the world, but our team aspires to this as the point of differentiation
      • Includes open/collaborative core, but not methods such as modularity, swarms, optimization
      • Shows clear discipline through 'culture' - which must have discipline of people, thought, and action
      • Solving pressing world issues must be meant to convey discipline
      • Core message must center on discipline and performance culture, and aspiration of growth and evolution
  • Open collaborative enterprise culture for evolving to possibility.
  • Distributive enterprise for financial independence.